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plasterboard radiant system


System for ceiling plasterboard wallEcowall Dry radiant plasterboard

Ecowall Dry is the radiant system pre-assembled in plasterboard for heating and cooling wall and ceiling.

A modular system ready for installation, it is ideal for winter heating and summer environments; ECOWALL Dry allows any type of application, from the household sector to the service sector, from new installations to renovations.

The modularity of the system allows perfect adaptation to the sizes, both in wall applications as those on the ceiling, without compromising on architectural type.

Radiant plasterboard compositionHeating and cooling in the panel

The system ecowall DRY consists of plasterboard panels with different geometries and maximum modularity: 4 different formats allow maximum adaptability to different architectural requirements.

To this is added the system of integrated adductions that, in addition to speeding the laying operations, allows to reach a higher percentage of coverage in terms of the active surface.
1.Integrated instructions
3. Heating tube
4.Strate in plasterboard

Private ecowall DryHigh isolation, and high energy efficiency

The radiant coils ecowall DRY are housed in the drywall and not in the insulating layer: the maximum contact factor between drywall and tube increases by almost 10% of the system yield.

The active slab is coupled to an insulating layer of high density EPS of well 40 mm: directly inside the adductions. At the connection points, the insulation is not interrupted, but a slab with a thickness of 1 cm remains behind the pipes: it is not necessary to further isolate the inlet pipes. The low temperature panels supply and maximum insulation make ECOwall DRY ideal for high energy efficiency applications.

plasterboard low thermal inertia

Low thermal inertia with the plant in plasterboard

Ecowall DRY is faster in full operation and in response to the regulation: the reduced thickness of the active layer, only 15 mm plasterboard sheet, gives the system a very low thermal inertia.

Comparing the thermal capacity per unit area of ​​the plasterboard plate of Ecowall DRY with that of a traditional screed with 65 mm thick, it is seen that Ecowall DRY is approximately 10 times faster than a radiating system under the floor.

  • Full operation in less than 1 now
  • Quick response to regulation systems

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Installing radiant ceiling panelsRadiant systems are easy to install

I Radiant Dry ecowall are plasterboard modules, Pre-assembled and ready for laying. They can be installed on the ceiling and wall with extreme simplicity.

Thanks to the various panel sizes, the ecowall Dry system is easily adapted to any type of wall or ceiling, ensuring easy installation, fast and waste-free.

The panels "passive", devoid of hydraulic circuits, enable the completion of the radiating surfaces and the fitting with the contiguous structural elements.

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Components of the system radiating plasterboard

Modules ecowall dry

Modular panels light and simple to install

Radiant plasterboard panels are pre-assembled, simply prepare only the fittings and connect them on the back of supply lines and the collector return.

  • Light, compact and easy to install
  • Fire resistance class E
  • Moisture barrier in compliance with UNI EN 1264 4-
  • Resistant to deformation at high temperatures (80 ° C)
  • Certified according to the directives of green building
  • Marking of the radiant circuits etched on the panel
  • Several sizes available to avoid wastage
  • High yields and low thermal inertia.

serpentine radiant systemRadiant circuits in PE-Xa 8x1 mm

Coils ecowall DRY are made of PE-Xa pipe 8x1 mm with oxygen barrier in EVOH.

The PE-Xa of this tube is obtained by a single cross-linking process that occurs at a temperature above the melting point (> 200 ° C).

The advantage of this process is that the crosslinking is uniformly distributed in the tube: this also reduces the density of the material making the pipe more flexible.

heating pipe wall ceilingPipes for panels connection

The hydraulic circuits ECOWALL Dry panels are interconnected to form the main circuits, via backbone connection made with PEX pipe PEX AL 20 2 x mm insulated.

The tube, in multilayer has high resistance to high pressures and operating temperatures and high resistance to corrosion.

The insulation tube is closed cell polyethylene foam 6 mm, which ensures homogeneity of isolation and compliance with the regulations on energy saving.

Collector for high flow

Collector for perfect heat distribution

The modular manifold, thermostatically controlled with viewer flow has been optimized for improve the operation of the radiant providing a low pressure loss.

  • Quick Links for easy installation
  • Resistance to chemicals
  • Very low pressure drop
  • Ideal for radiant cooling

fittings radiant system

Sealing fittings for joining the panels to the dorsal

The ecowall Dry panels are interconnected to each other and to the dorsal thanks to these special fittings with sealing. The fittings are of the axial pressing without O-rings and have low pressure drop and homologation DWGW, KIWA, ÖVGW. PPSU (Polyphenylensulphone), of which the connections are made, is an amorphous thermoplastic material characterized by high chemical resistance and high temperatures.

cassette collectors

Cassette collectors subtle and elegant

The cassette accommodation of distribution manifolds built-in, designed to position with ease collectors of radiant systems.

Made of galvanized steel, with welded parts for PLASTERED, rails for mounting of collectors, height adjustable legs, frame and door board painted flat white.

safety in your handsWe guarantee greater security

A demonstration of the reliability of the systems, all radiant systems Rossato Group are insured for 10 years
(RC products with leading companies).

Watch the video installation of ceiling panels

Install the heating plant on walls and ceilings is quick and easy.

Rossato Group provides to its partners the guidelines to perform properly the installation of the system in compliance with the good and workmanlike manner.

Our technical department is available to help you choose any of the components to be combined with underfloor heating.

Watch the video and discover how to save money with your cooling system for wall and ceiling, getting the maximum comfort.

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