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Heating and cooling with wall/ceiling system in only 15mm


Heating Wall Ceiling ConcealedEcowall FIT isthe radiant system for wall or ceiling with reduced thickness for winter heating and summer cooling.

The most important feature of Ecowall FIT is the small diameter of the pipe which reduces the thickness of the plaster to only 15mm.

With modules completely placed , Ecowall FIT provides a faster response of the system, a low thermal inertia and is made in operation in less than an hour.

  • Radiant panels in only 15 mm of plaster
  • Less than a hour reaction time
  • Reduction of plaster cost from 40 to 50%
  • Quick response to regulation systems
  • Integrable with ECOwall Dry system

easy coupling radiant tube curving wall radiant system plant radiant wall 15mm

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Components of the Wall and Ceiling radiant system

Binary-holderSupport rails for installation circuits

The modules are constituted by the radiant tube PE-Xc-shaped coil and fixed on binary-stand.

The practical binary plastic has a step of laying 5 cm. The height of the guide is of only 9 mm, of which a thickness of 2mm below the tube which gives the drive a good rigidity and resistance.

The track is presented in modules 50 cm that can be extended according to need in a very simple way, thanks to the joint system to swallow nest. Small modules speed up and simplify the assembly operations and do not require site cutting.

The tube is fixed in the guide so perfect thanks to the grooved section of the track. The base is perforated to allow fastening to the support by means of dowels.

Pe tube XcTube with a diameter of only 8mm

The tube PE-Xc 8x1 consists 3 layers: the innermost layer PE-Xc (high density polyethylene) has a very smooth surface and ensures extremely low pressure loss. The outer layer has the function of oxygen barrier in order to avoid corrosion problems. The two layers are held together by a thin intermediate layer of polymeric material highly adhesive.

The high elasticity of the pipe allows you to preserve it from stress caused by thermal expansion inside the wall.

Long life, light weight, high strength at high temperatures and scratches are just some of the advantages of the PE-Xc 8x1

Reggi curve radiant system

Curve holders for coils laying

To stabilize the curvature and shape the pipe, are used reggicurva reinforced plastic material.

The reggicurva has a tubular structure of 8mm diameter and ends with two shaped profiles to be embedded between the track and the tube in correspondence of each curve.

Thanks to reggicurva it has a perfect curvature of the pipe so as to eliminate the pressure loss of a coil to the other. Fill now the contact form to receive information or a quote from your local contact person.

heating pipe wall ceiling

Pipes for panels connection

The hydraulic circuits of the panels ecowall FIT are interconnected to form the main circuits, through backbones connecting tube made of pre-insulated PEX AL PEX 20 2 x mm.

The tube provides flexibility and chemical resistance typical of polyethylene combined with the high strength of the metal. The result is a tube very resistant to high pressures, temperatures and corrosion.

The tube is available in two colors, red and blue, which are useful in the installation phase to distinguish the lines of supply and return.

Collector for high flow

Collector for perfect heat distribution

The modular collector, thermostatically controlled with display of flow rate, has been optimized for improve the thermal performance of radiant systems providing a low pressure loss.

A fundamental characteristic of the collector is the absolute impregnability from sediment and from any type of corrosion, which guarantees a long life.

  • Quick Links for easy installation
  • Resistance to chemicals
  • Very low pressure drop
  • Anti-condensation system

fitting tee ppsu

Press fittings for secure connections

The system ecowall FIT is complete with fittings for fast and safe circuit with radiating ridges connecting.
The fittings are made of PPSU, material highly resistant to high temperatures and shock.
Ensure low pressure drop and are approved DWGW, KIWA and ÖVGW.

Box for placement collector

Cassette collectors slim and stylish

The cassette for the ' accommodation of distribution manifolds is the built-in type, designed for easy positioning the collectors of radiating systems.

Collector and cassette are arranged at the center of the building not to have too long circuits and to simplify the thermoregulation, when crossed by many adduction.

The box is made of galvanized steel, with welded mesh for parts PLASTERED, rails for installing the collectors, adjustable feet in height, frame and door board plate painted white.

Excellent union plant wall and ceilingPlant wall and ceiling

Ecowall FIT is a modular system suitable for every architectural solution.

The highly flexible and malleable tube may be shaped as needed to adapt to different geometries of the walls.

The installation of the system on the perimeter walls allows to exploit the effective barrier against heat and cold.

To increase the radiating surfaces, exploiting both the walls and the ceiling in the same environment, you can integrate with a ecowall FIT system plasterboard ecowall Dry.

safety in your hands

We guarantee greater security

To demonstrate the reliability of the systems, all radiant systems Rossato Group are covered by insurance for 10 years (RC products with leading companies)

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