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Heating a Floor floor


Floor Heating economic

ECOfloor E "is the radiating system economical low-cost With floor installation ideal for heating and cooling the environments.

The economical but high-yielding radiant heat exchanger is made up of a rigid insulating panel covered by a hard-to-reach yellow hard-to-reach PS foam that acts as a barrier against moisture.

The tube is laid on PE-RT or PEX AL PEX; High maneuverability makes laying very easy, especially in curvature.

ECOfloor E panel

Lightweight and easy to install

The new ECOfloor E panel is easy to install thanks to its enclosed perimeter that allows a perfect junction with the other panels.

The well-groomed laths allow a smooth joining of the pipe during the laying phases. The ECOfloor E panel is made of an EPS 200 insulation panel molded and covered with plastic film.

Its dimensions are of 1400x800x20 and it is Resistant to tread.

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How is floor heating ECOfloor E?

insulating front viewThe structure of the panel makes laying operations particularly easy thanks to the presence of the cup holder joints with which the upper surface is shaped. The bugs have a distinct square profile for quick drawing of radiant circuits.

pipe radiant systemPipelines for maximum system safety

The tubing is the fundamental component of a heating system to the radiating surface. The pipe must respond to numerous and stringent quality parameters to ensure good performance and long life: high levels of resistance to stress of various kinds should be guaranteed for at least 50 years with excellent safety margins.

The use of PEX pipes AL PEX to, resistant to high temperatures (95 ° C), with oxygen barrier, ensure long-term plant without any need for maintenance.

The PE-RT tube also with oxygen barrier is very flexible, rests with extreme simplicity and has a low cost.

Collector for high flow

Distribution manifold

The modular collector, thermostatically controlled with display of flow rate, has been optimized for improve the thermal performance of radiant systems providing a low pressure loss.

The manifold is structured to be unaffected by sediment and from any type of corrosion.

  • Quick Links for easy installation
  • Resistance to chemicals
  • Very low pressure drop
  • Anti-condensation system

attack collector

Quick couplers for pipe connection

The ends of the pipes are connected to the quick coupling and then connected to the manifold. Thanks to the quick-installation is done in a simplified way, quickly and safely without the use of special equipment.

The modules are made of reinforced polyarylamide 50% of glass fiber, which confers mechanical properties similar to light alloys, but with much higher resistance to atmospheric agents.

Box for placement collector

Cassette collectors slim and stylish

The cassette for the 'accommodation of distribution manifolds Recessed is designed to easily position the collectors of radiant systems.

Collector and cassette are arranged at the center of the building not to have too long circuits and to simplify the thermoregulation, when crossed by many adduction.

Made of galvanized steel, with rails for fixing the collectors, adjustable feet in height, frame and door board plate painted white in color.

Banda perimeter

Banda perimeter to improve the thermal insulation

The perimeter band is placed between the screed and the plant structure, this special fabric allows to absorb the expansion and get a good thermal insulation.

Made of closed-cell polyethylene, a lightweight and waterproof, complete with transparent strip, with a high resistance to chemical attack and the reactions of the alkaline cement products.

Ecofluid additive for radiant systems

The additive for maximum performance

The screed in radiant systems in addition to the normal load distribution function, is the real heat carrier. The addition of ECOFLUID inside the compound improves the performance of thermal conductivity.

ECOFLUID is an aqueous solution to 40% active polymer capable of dispersing the granules of the additive cemento.Usando the advantages are evident as: the lower hygrometric shrinkage, the lower creep as well as a minor use of cement with consequent economic savings. E 'possible to modulate the action of the additive by varying the dosage.

safety in your hands

We guarantee greater security

A demonstration of the reliability of the systems, all Rossato radiant systems are covered by insurance for 10 years (RC products with leading companies).
Our service centers are ready to intervene in a timely manner to all problems.

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