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Low thickness lowered floor system


Low thickness radiant systemECOfloor Tech is thelow thickness radiant system for the heating and air conditioning summer of the environments.

The ECOfloor Tech radiant system is available with 4 different types of panel with a thickness ranging from 18 to 35 mm. The system is particularly suitable for both new buildings and renovations. ECOfloor Tech is quick and easy to install and allows you to improve site logistics.

The low thickness radiant system, besides being an excellent heating system for the winter, is also the solution for summer cooling. With a single system, low consumption and invisible, you can get comfort and savings in all seasons.

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ECOfloor tech

Technical features

- Low thermal inertia floor radiant system
- Ideal for last-generation self-leveling screeds
- 14x2 mm PE-RT pipe with anti-oxygen barrier
- Multiple installation step of 50 mm
- Development of both spiral and serpentine circuits
- Bugne stopper for a quick pose

The compact structure of ECOfloor Tech allows the realization of a radiant floor system even with a little thickness available.

Low thickness radiant systemThe radiant system in a little thickness

ECOfloor Tech 0 occupies, including the screed, only 23 mm thick, excluding the floor and any additional insulation

In addition to the great advantage of the low thickness of the system, the absence of traditional screed gives the Ecofloor Tech one system reduced thermal inertia.

This guarantees one faster answer to the regulation, both in heating and in cooling, and one faster set up plant. The result is: more comfort, more quickly.

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ECOfloor Tech low radiant inertia

Low inertia radiant system

ECOfloor Tech is fast in start-up system and in the response to thermoregulation: the reduced thickness of the active layer conjugated to the high conductivity of the self-leveling screeds gives the system low thermal inertia. The result is one speed to three times higher compared to a radiant floor with traditional screed.

The high conductivity and the reduced thickness strongly lower the thermal resistance above the pipe to the full advantage of the system yield: high yields are obtained with low delivery temperatures.

Radiant system savingSaves on time and costs on site

The use of the self-leveling screed in the ECOfloor Tech radiant system offers numerous energy advantages. The thermal characteristics of the screed are certain and not subject to site variables.

The use of the self-leveling screed combined with ECOfloor Tech allows for accelerate construction times. Equipment for fluid mixes for pumping and laying the screed can be used. It is not necessary to pose anti-shrinkage networks and expansion joints; drying is very fast: on average within 4 gg the first start can already be carried out.

The other components of the system

PE RT tube oxygen barrierTube high strength
The PE-RT pipe is a pipe 14 mm ideally plastic surfaces for radiant systems.
The inner tube is made with a special PE-RT is resistant to high temperatures.

Modular manifold

Distribution manifold
The newly developed modular manifold, with variable number of outputs from 2 to 18, is connected to the hydraulic circuit thanks to special push-button fittings and without the need for special tools. The calibration of the system is extremely simplified thanks to the graduated scale present on the individual flow meters.

cassette collectorsCassette collectors
The mounting box is designed to position with ease the distribution manifolds of the radiant systems. Includes Mounting rails collectors and height adjustable feet.

Radiant perimeter band TechBanda perimeter insulation
The polyethylene band, placed between the walls and the radiant panels, has the function of absorbing the expansions of the screed and providing a good thermal and acoustic insulation. It is made of special materials that make it impervious to mold.

Benefits floor construction siteThe benefits of comfort with ECOfloor Tech

• For each season: maximum yield in heating and cooling
• Ideal for renovation: minimum panel thickness of 18 mm
• Easy installation: easy drafting of the circuits thanks to the pipe-stop bugs
• High efficiency: high yields with low delivery temperatures
• Fast start up: reaction times halved compared to traditional screed
• Versatility: application on any type of floor, floor or pre-existing floor
• Faster construction sites: using self-leveling screeds

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