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Wall hung heat pump water heater


Heater heat pump

Air Combo Pro is the 100 integrated heat pump water heater, Leverages PDC and gives you more energy savings than traditional water heaters up to 70%.

And always ensures a rapid and abundant production of sanitary hot water.

Air Combo Pro 100 100 from an accumulation liters and its system of air ducts can be installed in various parts of the house, from the bathroom to the kitchen.

And 'suitable for domestic use and for small businesses, its dimensions are contained, like a normal electric water jug.
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Air combo 100 ecological water heaters

The water heater 100% Eco-friendly

Air Combo uses up to 100 70% renewable energy, does not enter CO2in the environment and uses non-polluting refrigerant gas.

E 'quiet and provides maximum security:
• No flammable liquids or toxic substances
• No gas connection
• Legionella System Active 24 24 hours.

The various operating programs can operate or less the resistance, the heat pump or the fan heating environment.

Features combo 100

High standards of quality and safety

Heat pumps Air combo 100 Pro are designed and built according to high standards of quality and safety. Just plug it to save.

  • 1 heat pump with rotary compressor
  • 2 air ducts
  • 3 tank enamelled
  • 4 Often layer of polyurethane insulation
  • 5 magnesium anode protection
  • 6 Temperature Sensors
  • 7 Flange Heater
  • 8 Capacitor enveloping
  • 9 Electronic control with LCD touch screen

installation of heat pump water heaters

It replaces the traditional water heater

Air Combo PRO 100 is small and compact with a footprint equal to that of a normal electric water jug.

It 'lightweight and easy to install and is suitable for installation in both new plants to replace existing boilers, all in just a few minutes and without the need for masonry work.

100 Combo is designed to allow easy integration with other renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic, wood boilers, etc..

Associating the water heater to renewable sources with the addition of a small electric meter is obtained a very high energy saving.

Sewer Air

The heat pump Air Combo PRO 100 can be installed with a channeling system that captures the hot air and moisture from the environment and conveys it to the outside.

In this way it is possible to reciprocate the inside air without opening the windows and at the same time the heat contained in the extracted air is used to produce hot water.

Channeling air combo pro 100

Benefits of Air Combo PRO 100

Energy saving

Savings + 75%

Thanks to the technology for rotary piston compressor, is ensured a higher energy efficiency and higher coefficient of performance, with a considerable energy saving up to 75 percent.

External exchanger

External capacitor

The condenser is wrapped between the boiler and the outer cover of the tank. Positioned in this way reduces the formation of limestone prolonging the service life of the device ensuring greater security.


Corrosion protection

A double vitrification, characterized by a glazing of superior quality and from a bar of magnesium make the tank Air Combo protected and safe ensuring functioning even in the most difficult operating conditions.


Touch Screen

The heat pump Air Combo 100 PRO is equipped with a big LCD touch screen display that enables you to view and set specific programs for heating and domestic hot water.


System for ducting

Air Combo PRO 100 thanks to its built-in DC fan allows to convey through channeling cold air outside the building or in any part of the house to be cooled.

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