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Heat pump for large systems

D ht heat pump airmax

La heat pump for large systems, Is called Airmax HT and has been designed to achieve high performance with very low outside temperatures.

Construction element particular innovation, is the introduction of two compressors on two refrigerant circuits: with this device the units are able to adjust the power output to actual needs by allowing a reduction in the consumption of electricity compared to heat pumps in size equivalent. 

The optimization of the heating operation ensures the production of domestic hot water throughout the year, the performance and the powers available make these machines ideal for heating and maintaining large pools.

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Where to use the heat pump Airmax HT?

Villas - Condos - Sports - Hotel - Industries - Heating swimming pools


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Radiant heat pump

Heat pump and radiant system

Airmax HT is particularly suitable for combination with systems for heating and cooling floor, wall and ceiling.

The construction of the refrigeration circuit has been optimized to obtain maximum yield with radiant panel systems.

The maximum energy saving is achieved by combining the heat pump Airmax HT to a radiant system, that working with water at low temperature (-25 40 °) allows to increase the yield of the heat pump and greatly reduce the consumption of energy.


Performance components for maximum performancePump-to-heat-to-large-plants

The units in our Airmax ht are designed and manufactured in Italy according to high standards of quality and safety.

  • Flow temperature up to-60 10 ° C ° C with external
  • Flow temperature up to-50 35 ° C ° C with external
  • Double circuit with two power settings
  • Hermetic scroll compressors of gas injection
  • Phase monitor (only for three-phase)
  • Temperature modulation for reduced energy consumption
  • Aerodynamic fans with low noise impact
  • Exchangers with increased exchange surface
  • Dynamic set point for the Protection of compressors
  • Dynamic management of defrosts
  • Protection system from the ice to the base of the batteries
  • Coils with anti-corrosion treatment
  • Management systems with dual flow temperature
  • Management supplementary source in heating
Class A inverter system circulator

Structure Airmax HT  

Ice protection system aris

Operation up to-18 ° external

The heat pump airmax HT works with outside temperatures down to-18 ° C and works in complete safety thanks to the sub-cooling prevents the formation of ice on the outdoor coil.

The control panel enables you to automatically adjust the setpoint as a function of outdoor temperature to reduce energy consumption. The unit can heat water up to 60 ° C, and this is an excellent solution for the production of ACS.


Modular fans

Fans with variable speed

The fans are set not to exceed the 70% of the maximum speed, while keeping available a 30% only used in the case in which the machine will need, such as in the case of very high temperatures.

This always guarantees low noise levels, especially in the evening and at night, when the noise is more annoying. 

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dual compressor scrool

Double circuit blocks against

The Airmax HT heat pumps use a double circuit with two scroll compressors and then divide the power to 50% for each circuit.

This system has been designed to ensure the continuity and stability of the heat pump even in the case of block one of the two circuits.

This design feature promotes a more extended range of operation during the production of sanitary hot water and improves the ventilation system and the defrosting of the devices.


Heat pump heating pools

Heating, cooling and heating swimming pools

The high performance and the various powers available make the Airmax HT ideal for heating and cooling of large surfaces and to ensure domestic hot water throughout the year.

Le Airmax HT heat pumps are suitable for the heating of swimming pools large.

Thanks to a special heat exchanger connected to the heat pump and managed by the control unit will be easy to set the temperature of your pool.


Features and Models

Model Pot fridge * EER Pot term. COP Nutrition Height width. prof. (Mm)  Weight
33 T 46,0 kW 3,68 41,4 kW 4,13 400 / 3 / V 50 1417 - 1932 - 1100 466 Kg
41 T 60,7 kW 3,80 52,5 kW 4,13 400 / 3 / V 50 1417 - 2332 - 1100 635 Kg
56 T 85,5 kW 3,69 71,2 kW 4,12 400 / 3 / V 50 1417 - 2332 - 1100 670 Kg
67 T 96,3 kW 3,69 83,9 kW 4,10 400 / 3 / V 50 1417 - 2932 - 1100 803 Kg
79 T 121 Kw 3,72 99,8 Kw 4,13 400 / 3 / V 50 1100 - 2932 826 Kg

Terms of reference: 
Cooling: A35 / W18 (Eurovent)  Heating: A7 / W35 (EN 14511)

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