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Inverter Heat Pump Air Maxi


Inverter Heat Pump Air Maxi

Air Inverter Maxi is the heat pump for large plants.
Available in sizes 4, boast excellent performance and extended operating limits for heating, cooling and domestic hot water.

AIR INVERTER MAXI can produce hot water up to external temperature conditions equal to -5 ° C.

The flow water temperature can reach 55 ° C even in summer with outdoor temperatures equal to 45 ° C.

This allows to use the heat pump throughout the year and to adapt optimally to the system configurations with radiant panels and terminal units both in new buildings and in areas of restructuring

Heating heat pumpcoolingWater and health


Protection from the cold and ice

The advanced system-icing (sub-cooling) prevents the formation of ice at the base of the external battery, significantly reducing the number of defrost cycles and avoiding reductions in fruit yield of the heat pump.

The result is very high seasonal efficiency.

Heat pump large plantsefficient components

  • Flow temperature up to 60 ° C
  • Heating operation up to -20 ° C outside
  • Cooling mode up to 45 ° C outside
  • Ability to manage in a chain up to 4 units in parallel
  • Compressors with DC inverter technology
  • Electronic expansion valve
  • Fans with DC motor and inverter technology
  • Fans housed in ducts with aerodynamic profile
  • Digital central control and programming
  • Exchangers with increased exchange surface
  • Finned coil with special hydrophilic treatment
  • Dynamic management of defrosts
  • Ice protection system
  • Adjustment with sliding temperature
  • Integrating resource management in heating
  • Domestic hot water production with optional kit

-inverter compressor

High efficiency with DC inverter compressor

The DC inverter compressor is the heart of the heat pump.

The inverter technology allows to change the power supply frequency of the electric motor that drives the compressor, allowing to operate proportionally to the actual needs of the plant.

This allows a significant reduction in fuel consumption and a significant increase in seasonal efficiency.

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circulator - inverter-class-A

Low consumption with the permanent magnet circulator

The hydraulic circuit is completed by the EC motor pump with permanent magnets and with electronic regulation.

The circulator technology allows automatic modulation of the water flow according to the request and the load losses of the system.

In this way you avoid wastage and unnecessary stress to the piping and other components installed and helping to ensure the high efficiency of the unit.

big fan inverter

Silent and efficient

DC fans with electronically controlled variable speed inverter Air Maxi is very quiet at part load. The fans are housed in aerodynamically shaped nozzles and blades have been optimized to increase efficiency and minimize noise levels, and are fitted with safety grills.

The resulting advantage is the sound pressure reduced to no 8 & dB (A) compared to full load operation.

heat pumps in cascade

Management chain up to 4 units in parallel

With an accessory module, enabling remote 1 2 ° ° set point, you can manage operating in tandem to 4 unit.

Each unit is connected to the module that enables operation via a dry contact. Intelligent electronics controls the heating and cooling capacity needed the air conditioning in the same day. The climatic conditions vary from place to place and consequently the performance of the load.

Features and Models

Model Pot fridge * EER Pot term. COP Diet Height width. prof. (Mm) Weight
33 T 35,0 kW 3,91 32,9 kW 3,95 400 / 3 / V 50 1520 - 1159 - 1341 335 Kg
37 T 39,8 kW 3,77 37,2 kW 3,80 400 / 3 / V 50 1520 - 1159 - 1341 365 Kg
44 T 45,4 kW 3,82 43,9 kW 3,80 400 / 3 / V 50 1520 - 1146 - 1341 400 Kg
50 T 50,9 kW 3,68 50,2 kW 3,74 400 / 3 / V 50 1520 - 1146 - 1341 400 Kg

Terms of reference:
Cooling: A35 / W18 - Heating: A7 / W35 (EN 14511)
* Cooling capacity calculated with rotational speed of the compressor to the 90%

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