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Punctual mechanical ventilation

studio ventilation control

Altair SR 50 is a unit of punctual controlled mechanical ventilation for a single environment, ideal for studios, houses, offices and single rooms. Suitable in all cases where there are air requirements and in buildings with moisture and mold problems.

Altair SR 50 allows savings in heating costs. It integrates a vacuum cleaner with high efficiency heat recovery unit and a filter for air purification.

Models are available in 2:

  • Altair SR 50 in analog version where the master unit can be connected to other 3 devices.
  • Altair SRX 50 in electronic version where the master unit communicates in Wireless with up to 12 devices.

Altair SR50 is very simple to install and use with the practical wall control or with the remote control in wif versioni.
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Ventilation for studioEasy installation without ducting

The principle of operation of punctual mechanical ventilation It is based on the regenerative heat recovery. The Altair ceramic exchanger SR 50 accumulates the heat lost by the air flow incoming or outgoing from the room and returns it when the flow reverses its direction.

The fresh air, in addition to being preheated / preraffrescata, is also effectively filtered, contrary to what happens with the opening of the windows, thus ensuring the renewal air actually healthy.

Control .vmc WallSimple wall control

Altair SR 50 is equipped with a wall-mounted control for the control of Units' and the selection of the various modes of operation.

E 'can control up to 4 units' combined mode.

With Altair SR 50 the air in the room is always clean, they have eliminated bacteria and allergens and ensures maximum energy recovery.

SR50Components and performance characteristics

- Ventilating unit for individual rooms with a surface area of ​​up to 40 m2
- Regenerative heat recovery in high efficiency ceramic material> 90%
- Set on two levels of speed for 25 or 50 m3 / h
- Axial fan with brushless electronic motor control and modulating (Erp2015)
- G3 filter (EN 779) low pressure drop can be easily removed from the front
- Structure monobolocco in ABS anti UV and antistatic
- Installation of perimeter walls without limits in thickness thanks to the telescopic tube
- Kit complete with outdoor grill with flexible network for installation inside
- Adjusting evolved to automatic, manual or combined
- Automatic mode: alternating activation in extraction / entry
- Manual mode: manual activation in the same extract, or single entry
- Optimization of automatic operating cycles depending on the season
- Ability to manage up to four units simultaneously
- Protection IP20

SRX ventilationWireless system with SRX 50 version

Altair SRX 50 is equipped with a light-weight and intuitive graphic remote control for best performance and set different operating modes.

In the Altair SRX 50, the main unit can be connected to other 12 SRX 50 in slave mode, so the system can be managed to work in automatic mode and gain maximum efficiency in ventilation.

The AUTO function automatically adjusts the airflow alternating time in input / output, dehumidification and speed, depending on the ambient parameters detected by the sensors.

Thanks to temperature and humidity sensors, Altair SRX 50 is able to adopt the most suitable ventilation modes to ensure the best environmental comfort.

Altair SR50 benefits

All in one: SR50 the units are compact and require no external devices.
Simple installation: No special building work.
Wall control: up to 12 units controlled by a simple device.
Active filter: G3 filter with low loss of load pull.
efficient fans: Brushless axial fan with electronic and modulating engine.

Model Speed air flow Max. absorbed Sound pressure Diet
SR 50 nr 2 25 / m 503/h 2,8 W 32 / 26 dB (A) 1m 230 / 1 / V 50
SRX 50 V max 15 / 25 / 50 m3/h 2,8 W 32 / 26 / 18 dB (A) 1m 230 / 1 / V 50

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