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Ventilation mechanical and tertiary industrial


Industrial mechanical ventilationAltair HRM - HRMX is a controlled mechanical ventilation unit with medium-yield heat recovery, for tertiary and industry.

HRM - HRMX units are ideal for large buildings to access the highest energy certification classes. All units are "ERP Ready" or already in line with the requirements of the European legislation in force for 2018.

The unit is capable of efficiently changing the air in your home, while the enthalpy heat exchanger allows to recover sensible and latent energy from the air that would otherwise be lost.

The mechanical ventilation system with standard setting or with regulation evolved Which can be combined with optional air quality and humidity sensors.

Tertiary mechanical ventilationPowerful units for air renewal

- Bring from 800 to 4000 m3 / h
- Heat recovery higher than 73%
- ErP ready 2018
- By-pass for free cooling automatically activated
- Centrifugal fans at 3-4 speeds ErP2015
- Aluminum Eurovent torque heat exchangers
- Automatic defrost function of the heat exchanger
- Filters (EN779) F7 in renewal and M5 in extraction
- Ceiling mounting brackets or floor standing feet
- Internal or external installation with rain cover
- Access doors and internal spaces for easy maintenance


Efficient ventilation system

Altair HRM - HRMX is made of a self-supporting structure in sandwich panels, 25 mm thick, insulated in polyurethane foam, designed to be installed horizontally.

The outer part of the structure is made of sheet metal gray color plastofilmata, while the internal part of the panels is Aluzinc (material that provides high resistance to corrosion).

The interior of the system is made of expanded polypropylene, a material that ensures a high degree of thermal insulation between the air streams.

Predisposed for ceiling installation or floor standing feet. For indoor or outdoor with rain cover.

remote controlevolved command repositioned

And 'possible to combine the mechanical ventilation system Altair the advanced control with an elegant display that can be installed in an area convenient for the user control.

The menu is easy to use for basic configuration of the unit (manual or automatic, programming time slots, setting temperature and humidity).

Silent fans

Fan performance

The soundproof structure of the Altair units guarantees absolute quiet operation.

The maximum efficiency and quiet operation of the ventilation system is achieved thanks to a complete air distribution system with silencers output and following the recommended design criteria.

The extensive use of sound absorbing material together with the use of oversized fans, reduce the level of sound power at exceptionally low levels.

Electronic fans with built-in inverter permanent brushless brushless motors guarantee high performance by optimizing electrical consumption and reducing noise.

Energy class officesImprove the energy class with Altair

Installation of Heat Exchanger Altair HRM / HRMX allows industrial and tertiary buildings to access the highest energy efficiency classes.

Installing a Heat Exchanger in the Altair range guarantees energy saving and greater comfort and productivity even in work environments.

Features and Models

Model air flow Microprocessor Diet Power
Efficiency of
Heat recovery **
HRM 8 800 square metres3/h CTR 230 V 2 290 x W > 85% 91 Kg
HRM 15 1500 square metres3/h CTR 230 V 2 400 x W > 78% 142 Kg
HRM 18 1800 square metres3/h CTR 230 V 2 400 x W > 80% 150 Kg
HRM 26 2600 square metres3/h CTR 230 V 2 550 x W > 79% 273 Kg
HRM 40 4000 square metres3/h CTR 230 V 2 750 x W > 76% 291 Kg
HRMX 8 800 square metres3/h CTRX 230 V 2 290 x W > 85% 91 Kg
HRMX 15 1500 square metres3/h CTRX 230 V 2 400 x W > 78% 142 Kg
HRMX 18 1800 square metres3/h CTRX 230 V 2 400 x W > 80% 150 Kg
HRMX 26 2600 square metres3/h CTRX 230 V 2 550 x W > 79% 273 Kg
HRMX 40 4000 square metres3/h CTRX 230 V 2 750 x W > 76% 290 Kg

** Reference conditions: Tbs fresh air -5 ° C; External 80% RH; Tbs environment 20 ° C; 50% RH environment; to 50% of the nominal air flow
** Referred to date Following conditions: external air DBT-5 ° C; external RH 80%; DBT room 20 ° C; RH room 50%; 50% nominal air flow
*** Ecodesign 2016 / 2018

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