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Recessed ceiling fan coil unit


Recessed ceiling fan coil unitIris Ceiling is the recessed ceiling fan coil unit able to cover the heating and cooling needs of premises both in residential and tertiary (offices and commercial premises) and receptive.

The special conformation of Iris Ceiling directs the flow of air introduced towards the walls (Coanda effect) and not directly downwards, avoiding that annoying air movement that is traditionally perceived in the area below the cassette fan coils.

In the vertical flow version the deflectors are adjustable to allow the user the most appropriate regulation of the air flow.
Iris Ceiling is characterized by a modern and elegant design that integrates perfectly even with traditional modular false ceilings.

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Components and performance characteristics

  • Residential residential fan coil unitAvailable in sizes 5
  • Available with AC or EC motors for residential and tertiary sectors
  • Available in 2 and 4 tubes version
  • Air emission with "Coanda effect"
  • Panel in painted sheet of 8 thickness mm
  • The panel can be painted in the color of the ceiling
  • Simple panel to open for maintenance operations
  • Optional panel with adjustable fins
  • Pleasant design for total false ceiling integration
  • Simple to install and configure
  • Wide range of controls and adjustment systems

Air intake with Coanda effect

Coanda air effect fan coilThe special shape of the Iris Ceiling diffusion frame allows to exploit the "Coanda effect"through which the air is pushed towards the false ceiling and then fall back to the walls.

Unlike traditional systems, air is introduced into the environment at a very low speed and sideways do not cause any inconvenience to the occupants.

Iris Ceiling thus ensures greater and more uniform air circulation in the environment, improving comfort.

Innovative Design

Iris ceiling, elegance ceilingThe Iris Ceiling fan coil unit has a pleasant design with linear and rounded shapes that make it suitable for both the residential and commercial sectors. Versatile and elegant, it can be installed in any environment and type of false ceiling.

The galvanized sheet panel allows you to paint Iris Celing of the desired color so as to fully integrate it with the false ceiling and the surrounding environment.

Iris Ceiling is synonymous with design innovation and comfort.

EC Brushless performing motors

Brushless fan coil motorsIris Ceiling is also available with EC Brushless motors.

The EC Brushless electric motors allow you to fine-tune the speed of the fan assembly, limiting the energy supply to the actual workload required without unnecessary waste.

The excellent performance of Iris Ceiling allows to treat large rooms with fewer units per room.

Features and Models

Model EC Brushless motor Refrigerating capacity
Thermal Pot
Max air flow rate
Iris Ceiling 51 1.44 kW max 2.25 kW max 550 square metres3/h
Iris Ceiling 72 2.56 kW max 3.83 kW max 710 square metres3/h
Iris Ceiling 72 B 2.32 kW max 3.49 kW max 626 square metres3/h
Iris Ceiling 92 3.07 kW max 4.63 kW max 940 square metres3/h
Iris Ceiling 92 B 2.93 kW max 4.38 kW max 854,6 square metres3/h
Iris Ceiling 93 3.99 kW max 5.74 kW max 940 square metres3/h
Iris Ceiling 93 B 3.75 kW max 5.43 kW max 854,6 square metres3/h
Iris Ceiling 283 7.97 kW max 10.96 kW max 1660 square metres3/h
Iris Ceiling 283 B 8.15 kW max 11.17 kW max 1700 square metres3/h

Operating Conditions
Heating: Air 20 ° C - Water inlet 45 ° Cb-b -Water output 40 ° C
Cooling: Air 27 ° C bs 19 ° C / bu-Water 10 ° C / 15 ° C

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