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Wall fan coils


Iris Wall Wall Fan CoilsIris Wall is the wall-mounted fan coil low noise impact able to cover the heating and cooling needs in the sector, commercial and receptive.

Iris Wall fan coils fit with a completely innovative design in environments where the aesthetic, space and silence requirements are the main constraints.

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Components and performance characteristics

  • wall fan coilsRefined and elegant design
  • On-board LCD display for temperature indication
  • Available in sizes 3
  • Night sleep function, auto-restart system
  • Standard control with advanced functions
  • Master / slave combination up to 32 units
  • Brushless DC fan
  • Quick installation thanks to the standard 3 series valves
  • Delivery adjustability through motorized deflector
  • Easy access to the air filter
  • Removable and washable air filter
Split wall Iris Wall

Innovative design, on-board display

The Iris Wall wall fan coil has a pleasant design that makes it suitable both in the residential sector and in the service and commercial sectors.

Iris Wall comes with a display on the machine for the indication of the temperature, surrounded by LEDs for a quick interpretation of the functions set.

The air supply can be adjusted thanks to the motorized deflector that ensures correct air distribution in the environment, avoiding bothersome direct flows on people.

Easy fan coil installation

Simple to install

Iris Wall, thanks to master / slave function, it can be connected in series up to 32 units with the possibility to manage the whole system with a single remote control or wall control.

The whole system is integrated into a single machine, it has no external motors and installation is quick and easy thanks to the three-way valves fitted as standard.

The system is easily accessible for maintenance operations.

EC Brushless performing motors

Brushless fan coil motorsIris Wall Uses Brushless EC motors, with tangential fans in plastic material. This feature allows a net reduction of the noise level emitted, as well as a reduction in the electrical absorption of the motor, compared to traditional fans with a metal structure.

The EC Brushless electric motors allow you to fine-tune the speed of the fan assembly, limiting the energy supply to the actual workload required without unnecessary waste.

Features and Models

Model Refrigerating capacity
Thermal Pot
air flow Water flow
Iris Wall 25 2.39 kW max 3.13 kW max 500 square metres3/h 427 l / h
Iris Wall 30 3.01 kW max 3.81 kW max 645 square metres3/h 525 l / h
Iris Wall 40 3.71 kW max 4.97 kW max 788 square metres3/h 641,91 l / h

Operating Conditions
Heating: Air 20 ° C - Water inlet 45 ° Cb-b -Water output 40 ° C
Cooling: Air 27 ° C bs 19 ° C / bu-Water 7 ° C / 12 ° C

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