Dehumidifier recessed wall



The dehumidifier fixed to the wall of the IN series built 300 + is available in standard or DC, eliminates the risk of condensation in the works for cooling floor, wall and ceiling.

Dehumidifiers for radiant DC series are also used in installations where you need to make to the environmental burden fridge to make up for high thermal loads.

Series dehumidifiers DC differ from the standard models for a variation on the cooling circuit.
This variant allows to dehumidify the air treated and simultaneously to cool it, so as to have an effective integration into the refrigeration plant radiant power. 


ECODRY INdesign features

IN + dehumidifiers are designed and manufactured in Italy according to high standards of quality and safety.

- Dehumidification capacity 20,8 l / 24h
- Operation with temperatures 10 ° C to ° C UR 30 40 90% to%
- Addition of neutral air or air-cooled versions DC
- Operation with continuous dehumidification
- Reciprocating compressors on anti-vibration
- Evaporator and condenser low-loss air side
- Batteries pre / post-cooling with high heat exchange factor
- Fans with three-speed motors
- Displaying operating parameters
- Sheet metal works in white prepainted
- Installation fixed to the wall recessed with a special casing
- Configuration with side discharge or top
- White Front grille made of wood or painted sheet
- Ability to channel the flow


dehumidifier wall

Dehumidification for radiant systems

Dehumidifiers for radiant systems ECODRY IN + guarantee dehumidification to neutral air, ie at the same temperature at which it is withdrawn. so they are also called deumificatori isothermal.

ECODRY IN + manages very small air flow rates so as to avoid annoying currents, typical of traditional air conditioning systems thus guaranteeing maximum environmental comfort.


fan dehumidifierVentilation centrifugal supply fan

The fan is centrifugal type, double inlet forward curved blades, with three-speed motor directly coupled.

Air is sucked by the fan from the rear of the unit, passes through the filter in the order, the battery of pre-cooling, the cold exchanger (evaporator), the heat exchanger (condenser), the post-cooling exchanger and the fan. 

Features and Models

Deum. *
Absorb. Port. air Temp work Pot.frigo Height width. prof. mm Weight :
IN + 300 20,8 l / g 320 W 250m3/h 10 ÷ 30 ° C - 665 - 480 - 220 35 Kg
IN + 300DC 20,8 l / g 320 W 250 m3/h 10 ÷ 30 ° C 1240 750 - 657 - 230 37 Kg

T = 25 ° C UR (HR) = 55% Water 15 ° C


 Hydraulic and cooling circuit
standard version

dehumidifiers CN standard circuit

1. Air filter
2. Pre cooling battery
3. Evaporator
4. Compressor
5. Capacitor
6. Post radiant cooling
7. Fan
8. Exhaust gas
9. Body rolling 

Hydraulic and cooling circuit
DC version

Dehumidifiers CN refrigerant circuit

1. Air filter
2. Pre cooling battery
3. Evaporator
4. Compressor
5. -
6. -
7. Fan
8. Exhaust gas
9. Body rolling


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