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Ducted fan coil


ducted fanIris is the CN ducted fan coil for heating and summer air conditioning, It is used in civil, industrial and commercial sectors.

The convectors Iris allow CN to maintain a comfortable temperature in your conservatory with quiet operation and low power consumption thanks to the medium-temperature operation.

The strength of IRIS CN is the reduced thickness, only 275 mm, achieved by careful planning architectural integration of convectors in environment.

It 'available in 3 sizes with various powers.

fan operationfan operation

The fan coil IRIS CN is installed on the ceiling and then connected to the system via duct system.

E 'consists of a water battery that exchanges heat with the ambient air entry into the internal fan, the air is cooled in summer and heated in winter.

During the cooling operation, the air is also dehumidified: the moisture retained condenses and collects in the tank.

steel structure

performance structure

  • Available in sizes 3
  • Quiet operation
  • Reduced thickness just 275mm
  • For heating and summer cooling
  • Centrifugal fans brushless
  • Removable air filter with high efficiency
  • Function Management Systems Integrated VMC
  • Range of accessories for the channeling unit
  • Fans with infinitely variable speed control
  • exchange batteries with oversized swirl fins
  • Microprocessor remote control
  • Compatible with the Iris Pack system

double suction fansdouble suction fans

The brushless centrifugal fans in the IRIS CN are double suction units with aluminum fans that guarantee high air flows and high static pressures.

The brushless motor of the latest generation, permanent magnet, direct current varies from the 0 100% of the air flow and consequently the thermal power and cooling, adjusting fans to the actual needs of the room to be conditioned.

The fans brushless allow for quick set up of the rooms to be air conditioned with quiet operation.

Iris Pack air conditioning systemComplete air conditioning system

IRIS PACK is the air conditioning system for apartments up to 150 square meters and small commercial units.
In combination with a heat pump, it guarantees both heating and summer conditioning.

IRIS PACK is a package built around the IRIS CN 800 convector and contains all the components for the realization of a turnkey system: plenum, channels, outlets and fixing accessories.

IRIS PACK is a balanced and easy to install system thanks to a wide range of components. Discover the IRIS PACK channeling system

Features and Models

USA B Cooling capacity
Total - Sensitive
Thermal Pot
W max
air flow
Iris CN 800 6911W - 6115W 10000 1450 m3/h 1338 l / h
Iris CN 1200 12179W - 11186W 18600 2850 m3/h 2488 l / h
Iris CN 1600 17447W - 16074W 26850 4200 m3/h 3592 l / h

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