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Pellet boilers

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Wood boilers

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Wood and pellet boilers for heating

Boilers wood pellet stovesThey are part of the biomass generators Rossato Group new stoves and wood boilers or pellet, perfectly compatible with other system components Rossato: can be installed in combination with solar heating systems, the heat pump Air Combo and the radiant systems.
Discover advantages of stoves and pellet boilers

Circe is the stove, Ninfa is the pellet boiler and Tiberia is the wood boiler: three practical solutions for the replacement of old gas and diesel systems. They offer significant cost savings over time (up to 80%).

saving energy pelletsPellets and firewood to save

Systems Wood and pellet Rossato are an excellent solution for energy conservation and for environmental protection.

The boilers and pellet stoves and wood allow you to make use of local or government incentives that make them even more affordable.

The purchase of a biomass system is a great investment that can be very save over time and with depreciable costs of the product also in the space of a year.

Types of biomass generators

hydro pellet stoves Circe

Pellet Stoves

Hydro pellet stoves Circe innovative design are used primarily for heating, combining them to existing systems or radiant heaters.

Boiler Nymp pellet brazier self-cleaning

Pellet boilers

The Ninfa pellet boilers allow to heat, large environments with minimal consumption of pellets. Allow manual or automatic cleaning of the ducts.

Wood boilersWood boilers

The wood-fired boilers Tiberia working with the principle of the inverted flame gasification for heating and domestic hot water.

Why choose a biomass generator Rossato

energy-saving heat pumpseconomic advantage

Biomass boilers and stoves ensure a saving in electricity bills, enjoy the thermal account and income tax deduction of 65%.

Icon energy savingCertified Quality

The biomass generators are tested and tested both internally and by the certification body TUV for 5 class.

no gas with heat pumpsno gas

The biomass generators require no gas connection and have no tank with dangerous substances.

Easy to installEasy installation

Circulation pump, expansion tank and safety valve are already on board for quick and easy installation.

garanzia7Up to 7 years warranty

Rossato biomass generators are covered by warranty for a period of time equal to 7 years, throughout the boiler body.

Technical Supporttechnical assistance throughout Italy

The assistance Rossato centers covering the whole Italian territory and intervene promptly in case of problems.

graphic saving wood

Energy savings with wood

The graph represented in euro cost of fuel needed to heat an apartment m100 for 2 1 years (180 days / 8 hours a day). "Source: Consumer Centre - March 2015"

The wood-fired boilers are the solution for energy conservation and for environmental protection. Allow you to benefit from incentives or local government that make it even more affordable. The wood boiler can save up to 80% compared to traditional systems of heating.

Choose generator Wood and pellet for your facility

Pellet Stoves

stue pellet

Pellet boilers

Boiler pellet nymph icon

Wood boilers

wood-fired boilers

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