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Anti-condensation valve

Anti-condensation valve

La thermal valve for condensation boilers solid fuel automatically adjusts the value of thermostat setting chosen, the temperature of the water returning to the generator.

The valve optimizes the connection of the solid fuel heat generator to the heating system or buffer tank. The valve keeps the heat generator at a high temperature, thus preventing the formation of sediments both in the boiler and in the flue, improving the efficiency and duration of the entire system.


  • PN 10
  • Max working temperature 100 ° C

The valve can be installed on both sides of the generator, in a vertical or horizontal position: on the return pipe to the boiler (setting at 45 ° C, 55 ° C or 60 ° C), in mixing mode; on the delivery pipe to the tank (setting at 70 ° C or 80 ° C), in diverter mode with system control function. 

Thread Temperature Kvs 
¾ " 45 ° C 3,5 m3/h
¾ " 60 ° C  3,5 m3/h
1 "F 45 ° C  7,2 m3/h
1 "F 60 ° C 7,2 m3/h

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