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Wood boiler flame reversed


wood boilerTIBERIA is the new wood boiler flame reversed and is a practical solution to conventional gas or oil. It is called reverse flame or flame reverse for the location of the combustion chamber, placed below the compartment in which is loaded the wood.

The large combustion chamber ensures a long autonomy of heating and convenience in handling.

The structure of the boiler is made of sheet of high strength steel of high thickness with excellent insulation. Fill out the contact form.

  • TÜV certification
  • High efficiency> 93%
  • Modern and elegant design
  • LCD display with self-diagnosis system
  • Large load wood up to 97 liters
  • Plug & play system, all already prepared
  • Power modulation from 30% to 100%
  • Incentives of 65% for income tax deduction / IRES
  • Safety thermostats of the maximum and minimum
  • Cleaning system with efficient pushrod
  • Lambda probe for the electronic management of combustion

Tiberia gasification boiler

The reverse flame gasification

Tiberian boilers are based on the exploitation of wood gasification to generate the flame inverted.

The overturned flame consists of a flame that instead of propagating upward, is drawn down by means of a fan located on the back of the boiler creating a depression operation, generating a perfect CO combustion2 constant.

The reverse flame allows the boiler to make the most of improving combustion efficiency.

Thanks to the reverse flame the formation of unburnt residues is minimized in this way are lengthened the time of cleaning ash and the boiler is always performing.

The oxygen sensor in the wood boilerTiberia lambda probe

Tiberia integrates a lambda probe.

The probe measures the parameters of the combustion gases and signals the boiler to adjust the parameters of O2 within the combustion chamber, optimizing their efficiency.

The oxygen sensor improves the efficiency of the boiler reaching more than 93%.

In addition the lambda sensor regulates the amount of primary and secondary air to be introduced into the wood-fired boiler, in this manner optimizes the stoichiometric ratio for complete combustion where the total oxidation of the wood.

The produced heat is transmitted to the conduits and used to heat the rooms or for the production of sanitary hot water.

Boiler wood cleaning Tiberia

Cleaning system efficient

The wood boiler is designed by adopting technical measures to ensure simple and effective cleaning of the tubes and the maximum efficiency of the boiler avoiding costly maintenance.

Moving the handle fitted to the side of the boiler, they are actuated springs that descend along the exchange system and remove easily any ash residue from the walls of the ducts.

The ash then falls into the compartment below for ash collection and can easily be removed.

Tiberia Display Boiler

Electronic management optimized

Tiberia is the wood boiler latest generation was designed with systems and technologies.

One of the pluses is its electronic management system that controls the combustion and the rule based on the conditions of use and installation.

Everything is handled electronically by the programmable thermostat which also regulates the operation, planning and management of the water temperature.

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