Horizontal air separatorHorizontal air separator

Il degasser horizontal is designed to be used in systems with hot water, thanks to the deaerator is possible separate liquids and water from.

This model can be installed horizontally, the different arrangement of the fittings placed vertically does not diminish the effectiveness of the getter but it still provides optimal separation of air and impurities.

Available in 3 models. 

 Features and Models

  • Separator model for microbubbles.
  • Horizontal type, brass.
  • Ideal heating, solar and chilled water.
  • No rust in the separation chamber without turbulence.
  • Bleed valve quickly.
  • Steady operation of the float in a room with no turbulence.
  • Precision valve protected against dirt.
  • Screw plug with emergency signal function.
  • Position in vertical, internal thread from various dimensions.
  • Max. Operating 10 bar.
  • Max. Operating 120 ° C.
  • Adding glycol of up to 50%.
  • Maximum flow rate 1,5 m / s.  


rings to separate airNo air in your plant

The getters designed so that all the liquid or water that passes through them to come in contact with the surface of the rings. 

The microscopic gas bubbles present in the liquid will adhere to these rings thus giving origin to a phenomenon of coalescence, to larger bubbles. 

The larger bubbles due to their greater buoyancy will be ejected through an air chamber.



Reduction of air ensured

The horizontal air vent device with built-in vent has been optimized for installation in horizontal pipes.

And full of PALL rings to reduce the turbulence of the water to ensure a perfect venting thanks to large contact surface.

  1. Transmission mechanism
  2. Room air
  3. Valve disarazione
  4. Adjustment screw
  5. Float
  6. Brass body
  7. Cover Plate
  8. Rings of separation bubbles
Connections Kvs Max Range * Weight :
1 "F 16,5m3/h 2,3 m3/h 1,80 Kg
1 ¼ "F 32m3/h 3,9 m3/h 2,40 Kg
1 ½ " 42m3/h 5,2m3/h 2,50 Kg

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