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Pre-insulated manifold for thermal power plant 

hydraulic manifold

The hydraulic manifold is used in the thermal power plant, for the distribution of the heat transfer fluid in air conditioning systems. 

Lets get on the same axis the flow and return pipes, favoring the installation of the relay group in thermal power plant, thus reducing the overall dimensions.

Models with bilateral connections are available in 2 and allow connection to fittings for metal or plastic pipes.


manifold pumping groupsReady for pumping groups

The range of manifolds can be coupled to the pumping units Rossato Group, also with different attacks with convenient adapters. 

On the collector, depending on the type of plant, can be installed several hydraulic modules such as the one for the floor heating, radiators, etc.. each for each branch of the system.

Features and Models

  • Body made of zinc coated steel
  • insulation
  • Threaded
  • Temperature range: 0 100 ÷ ° C.
  • Max operating pressure: bar 6
  • Insulating box dimensions: mm 100x110
Outputs Connections Conn boiler  Wheelbase Max Capacity Length
2 1 "M 1 "M 125 mm 2 m3/h 508 mm
3 1 "M 1 "M 125 mm 2 m3/h 758 mm
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