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diverter valveDiverter valve

La diverter valve is made of a special brass alloy that allows its use in heating, cooling and drinking water.

To facilitate manual operation, the valves are equipped with non-slip buttons with limit switches for a rotation angle of 90 °. The valve's compact design allows for easy access to the valve with tools for easy assembly and disassembly. 

An additional O-ring seal can also be installed as an additional shaft seal without bleeding the system or disassembling the valve, provided the system is not under pressure. It is available in 3 female models with 1 "¼, 1" ½, 2 "connections

mixingdiverter valve area

Simple manual adjustment

The valve position scale can be flipped and rotated for a variety of mounting positions. They can be easily automated and offer exceptional adjustment accuracy thanks to the unique interface between valve and actuator.

 Features and Models
  • Brass body and threaded connections
  • Maximum operating temperature: ° C 100
  • Max operating pressure: bar 10
  • Protection class: PN 10 
Attacks DN
Fil. Kvs Weight
1 "¼ 32 F 16 m3/h 0,95 Kg
1 "½ 40 F 30 m3/h 1,72 Kg
2" 50 F 40 m3/h 2,39 Kg

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