Air Inverter heat pump 4


Air Inverter heat pump

Air Inverter 4 is the heat pump for heating, cooling and domestic hot water production.  

The machine is an advanced system that takes advantage of the high efficiency 75 100% to% renewable energy. These heat pumps are designed using the DC inverter technology.

La DC inverter technology allows you to vary the power supply frequency of the unit. In this way the heat pump always works at the optimal power, with an automatic modulation of the power based on the actual requirement.

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scop seer air inverter

High performance with Air Inverter

Air Inverter 4 guarantees particularly high seasonal performance, both in hot and cold conditions.

The seasonal efficiency coefficients SCOP and SEER represent the ratio between the heating / cooling needs and the annual consumption of electricity for heating / cooling purposes.

The criterion of measurement for SEER and SCOP is very reliable and allows to determine more accurately the performance of the system during the entire calendar year, measuring in different operating conditions.

Seasonal high coefficients of performance are the only real guarantee of reduction of operating costs. 


-inverter compressor

High efficiency with DC inverter compressor

The DC inverter compressor is the heart of the heat pump.

The inverter technology allows to change the power supply frequency of the electric motor that drives the compressor, allowing to operate proportionally to the actual needs of the plant.

This allows a significant reduction in fuel consumption and a significant increase in seasonal efficiency. 

circulator - inverter-class-A

Low consumption with the permanent magnet circulator

The hydraulic circuit is completed by the pump with EC motor with permanent magnets with electronic adjustment.

The circulator technology allows automatic modulation of the water flow according to the request and the load losses of the system.

In this way you avoid wastage and unnecessary stress to the piping and other components installed and helping to ensure the high efficiency of the unit.


Modular fans

Fans with variable speed

The fans are set not to exceed the 70% of the maximum speed, while keeping available a 30% only used in the case in which the machine will need, such as in the case of very high temperatures.
This device has been designed to ensure greater savings and reduced noise, especially in the evening and night hours.


Display inverter air

Flexible electronic control

The electronic control via the display on the machine allows you to harness the energy in the required amount and efficiently in the external conditions and the needs of the building, automatically managing the operation of the unit.

The display allows you to set and display parameters with ease of operation.


Features and Models

Model Pot fridge * EER Pot term. COP Nutrition Height width. prof. (Mm)  Weight :
20 T 17,60 kW 3,73 19,60 kW 4,02 400 / 3 / V 50 629 - 1685 - 1137 250 kg
26 T 25,40 kW 3,90 25,84 kW 4,13 400 / 3 / V 50 629 - 1685 - 1517 320 kg
32 T 35,00 kw 3,59 31,55 kW 4,01 400 / 3 / V 50 629 - 1685 - 1517 320 kg

Terms of reference: 
Cooling: A35 / W18 Heating: A7 / W35 (EN 14511)

* Cooling capacity calculated with rotational speed of the compressor to the 90%

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