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Electronic fresh water station

Electronic fresh water station

Modvfresh is a thermostatic module for the production of domestic hot water.

Suitable for installations with domestic use up to small communities, is used for applications of inertial storage tanks connected to sources such as heat pumps, biomass boilers and solar systems.

DHW production occurs instantaneously, using the brazed plate heat exchanger thus avoiding bacterial. 

The variation in flow demand is read instantly from a digital sensor that provides information to the electronics of flow and temperature, consequently modulating the speed of the circulator.  

Modvfresh is a Pre-assembled station for the management of hot water.


Flow station electronic hot water

Intelligent electronic management

The electronic regulation of Modvfresh guarantees the production of instant hot water, avoiding bacterial proliferation phenomena, such as legionella, due to the stagnation of water in the accumulation. 
In Modvfresh electronic, the VFS sensor instantly detects the change of flow and consequently the control unit adjusts the speed of the circulating pump, to obtain the best yield of the plant.
The digital sensor VFS also allows a precise accounting of the energy produced.

Hot water station alternative sources


Matching alternative energies

Modvfresh is recommended to produce domestic hot water accumulators in combination with inertial systems connected solar thermal, wood boilers, pellet, biomass, etc..

The version from 20 l / min is suitable for installations of domestic use; version from 40 l / min is to be used for small communities. 

The plate heat exchanger made of stainless steel with large surface area provides an important heat exchange, which allows the water return to the puffer with a temperature up to 15 ° C.

This promotes a perfect rendering of the solar heating and also a heat pump.


Schematic electronic station hot water

Features Modvfresh 

Practical, fast and functional. The control system of Modvfresh thermostatic enables considerable savings management.

  • ACS temperature is adjustable every single degree up to 55 ° C.
  • Large heat exchanger plates for a remarkable heat exchange.
  • Exchanger easily removable for maintenance and / or cleaning.
  • Accurate accounting of energy thanks to the digital sensor VFS.
  • Fully insulated shell with EPP.
  • Ball valves ¾ M with thermometer.
  • Accounting for the energy produced.
  • Metal bracket for easy installation on the wall or to the puffer.
  • Intelligent electronic control unit.
  • Can be installed in cascade.
  • Size: x 500 398 391 x


For maximum power of 100 40 kW and range up to l / min.
Target flow temperature of the puffer: 60 ° C.
Temperature rated input from the mains: 10 ° C.
Temp DHW nominal 45 ° C, adjustable from 30 70 ° C to ° C.
Temperature recirculation line adjustable from 10 40 ° C to ° C.

 Features and Models
DHW Consumption
Temp primary Temp secondary Circulation pump Control Unit Kw
2 - 40 l / m Zones Zones No Si 100 
2 - 40 l / m Zones Zones Si Si 100


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