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Mixed pump unit with controller

Group mixed pumping unit

Mixed pump unit with controller high-efficiency air conditioning systems completely assembled and tested. 
Wilo Pico, energy class A, adjustable 0-10V functions with a choice Ap Ap constant and variable, de-aeration program first system start-up.
3-way mixing valve. Ball valve outlet flange with red handle and thermometer-0 120 ° C.

Delivery isolation ball valve. Return ball valve with blue handle and 0-120 ° C thermometer complete with non-return valve with 20 mbar opening with manual exclusion mechanism. Return isolation ball valve. Brass connection tube. T-fitting for mixing valve. 

Components of the pumping assembly

non-return valve

Non-return valve

This special non-return valve inserted inside both the delivery branch and the return branch.
Ensures sealing and low load losses to the advantage of system efficiency. 

Turning the handle 45 ° is possible to exclude in case of maintenance.
(Eg emptying of the system). 


servomotor SELTRON

Servo motor for adjusting the supply flow

The servomotor, allows the precise adjustment of the flow of the module delivery.
Reliable operation over time and quiet.
The innovations of the functions as an indication of the valve position and the LED turn signals, makes it suitable for different applications.


Wilo maximum energy savings

Pump for energy saving

The unit integrates the Wilo Stratos PICO OEM 25 / 1-6 pump, in high efficiency class A with electronically commutated motor, integrated differential pressure control: constant Δp, integrated Δp
Ap constant: for heating circuits with a loss of load as fixed plant subfloor or in installations with radiators where the resistance of the pipes is negligible compared to those of the thermostatic valves, or where, regardless of the thermostatic valves open, the request is the same pressure differential .
Ap variable to search for the maximum energy savings and noise reduction. Suggested in installations where the resistance of the pipes prevails over that of the control valves or simply when the differential pressure required decreases when the flow is reduced.

hcc for pumping unitsControl system for easy reading

The mixed pumping groups are equipped with modern climate control units, MHCC, LHCC.
The installation of the control unit in the front part of the pumping unit allows to manage and control the heating.

  • Pictogram of the mixer circuit, relay and valve
  • Display temperature probes
  • Set the characteristic curve
  • Protection function: anti-lock pump
  • Contol temperature min. and mass. flow
  • Memory with statistical analysis of the plant
  • Command RC21 optional remote management.
 Features and Models
Features models
Pump Wilo Yonos Pico 25 / 1-6 Wilo Yonos Pico 25 / 1-6 Wilo Yonos Pico 25 / 1-8
Kvs 6,0 m3/h 6,0 m3/h 6,0 m3/h
Connections 1" 1" 1"
Isolation EPP EPP EPP
PN 10 10 10

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