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Group direct pumping

Unmixed pump unit

Unmixed pump unit high-efficiency air conditioning systems completely assembled and tested. Circulator energy class A, adjustable 0-10V with functions you wish Ap Ap constant and variable.

Ball valve DN 20 with T-handle Connection pipe made of brass. Flanged ball valve with red handle and thermometer-0 120 ° C. Return ball valve with blue handle and thermometer 0-120 ° C complete with non-return valve. Maximum pressure 10 bar.

It can be installed in less than half an hour thanks to the included accessories that facilitate fixing both to the wall and to the kettle. Its innovative and compact design makes it modern, elegant and compact. It is available in 3 models with different circulators.


Members of the group of direct pumping


non-return valve

Non-return valve

This special non-return valve inserted inside both the delivery branch and the return branch.
Ensures sealing and low load losses to the advantage of system efficiency. 

Turning the handle 45 ° is possible to exclude in case of maintenance.
(Eg. system emptying) 


Ball valve with lever

Closing valve

This valve allows the closing of the flow of the module outlet.
The valve is used to adjust the temperature value to a variable.
Ensures maximum strength and reliability.

Technical features:
brass body, tottacchi threaded 


Ball Valve

Ball valve with thermometer

This special flanged ball valve brass, includes a thermometer to display the temperature of the flow line and return. 
Technical features: 
Thermometer with red ring; (0 ° C-120 ° C). Air vent. 

Circulator yonos para

Recirculation pumps with high efficiency

Wilo pumps, considered as the best on the market for quality, are integrated into our pumping systems. Thanks to its electronic control system, the motor and the hydraulics deriving from the latest technology, it is able to save energy up to 50% compared to standard non-electronically controlled circulators. 

The pumping unit is provided with direct 3 circulators different carattaristiche:

The pump Wilo Yonos Para 25 / 1 6-in class A, the Wilo Para 30 / 7 30 and Wilo Para / 8. 

 Features and Models
Features models
Pump Wilo Yonos Para 25 / 1 6- Wilo Para 30 / 7 Wilo Para 30 / 8
Kvs 8,0 m3/h 21,0 m3/h 21,0 m3/h
Connections 1" 1 "1 / 4" M 1 "1 / 4
Maximum temperature up to 110°C up to 110°C up to 110°C
Isolation EPP EPP EPP
PN 10 10 10

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