S2 solar 30 + MTDC

solar group S2 solar30S2 Solar 30 is the 2-way solar pumping unit suitable to be integrated in forced circulation solar thermal systems. It is used to transport the fluid from the solar panels to the user's exchanger.

Installs in less than half an hour thanks to the included accessories that facilitate mounting on the wall or on the kettle. Its innovative and compact design makes it modern, stylish and space-saving.

  • High head pump
  • Thermometers and safety group
  • Degasifier
  • Temp continues: 120 ° C (max 160 ° C for 20s)
  • PN 10

Members of the group of solar pumping


non-return valve

Non-return valve

This special non-return valve inserted inside both the delivery branch and the return branch. seals and ensures low pressure drop to the advantage of system efficiency. 

By turning the handle 45 ° it is possible to exclude it in case of maintenance. (e.g. system emptying) 


valves solar groups 1via

Flow regulator

The groups of pumping solar present CHARACTER important that enhance the stability of the system, such as the presence of a practical flow regulator that allows a smooth operation of the plant.

This fact shows the taps of loading / unloading in a close position, thus minimizing the residual air in circulation after the loading operation.


Wilo Yonos Para ST 25Recirculation pump Wilo Yonos Para ST 25

The Wilo Yonos Para ST 25 wet rotor circulation pump is integrated into the solar pump unit.

Reliable over time thanks to resistant materials and advanced electronics, it allows three different speed stages that can be manually set to adapt to the desired performance. 


MTDC 30 controllerSolar pumping unit and control unit

The solar pumping unit is also available in the S2 Solar 30 version with the MTDC control unit.

MTDC is the control unit for the management of two circuits in simple solar systems with one or two tanks.
And 'precise, intelligent and easy to use thanks to its preconfigured and especially thanks the server to start up, especially clear and intuitive.

Features models
S2 solar 30 streets
Pump Wilo Tonos Para ST25
Flowmeter 2-12 l / m
Connections 3 / 4 "M 
Wheelbase pump 180 mm
Isolation EPP
Version with control MTDC

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