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ecowall Dry
Radiant system ecowall Dry
ecowall FIT
Radiant system ecowall fit

Heating and cooling ceiling

Ceiling radiant system

Plants ceiling heating, they work with low thermal inertia and guarantee good heating efficiency, with significant savings on the bill.

The radiating elements, consisting of pipes in material resistant to high temperatures, are installed behind the walls or under the ceiling. The plant is thus invisible, to the benefit of the aesthetics and allowing a better use of space.

Discover ecowall and ecowall Dry two efficient systems for the construction of radiant ceiling.

Types of radiant systems Ceiling

radiant ceiling system

ecowall DRY

For heating and cooling ceiling and wall.
radiant panels prefabricated plasterboard.
55mm total system thickness.

wall radiant system

ecowall FIT

For heating and raffrecamento wall and ceiling.
Installation under plaster.
15mm total system thickness.


Hot Cool ceilingTemperature uniform ceiling

The radiant ceiling systems heat and cools the ambient according to the radiation principle.

In every room where you installed the radiant ceiling system is guaranteed a homogeneous temperature without annoying air movements.

A big advantage of ceiling systems is the focusing speed system. 


Choose your radiant system: 

ecowall Dry
Radiant system ecowall Dry
ecowall FIT
Radiant system ecowall fit

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