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ecowall Dry
Radiant system ecowall Dry
ecowall FIT
Radiant system ecowall fit

Heating and cooling wall

wall heating

Plants wall heating, function have a low thermal inertia, the walls radiate heat or cool the environment quickly.

The radiating elements, constituted by tubes in material resistant to high temperatures, are installed behind the walls.

The plant is thus invisible, to the benefit of the aesthetics and allowing a better use of space.

Types of wall radiant systems

wall radiant system

ecowall FIT

For heating and raffrecamento wall and ceiling.
Installation under plaster.
15mm total system thickness.

radiant ceiling system

ecowall DRY

For heating and cooling ceiling and wall.
radiant panels prefabricated plasterboard.
55mm total system thickness.

air conditioning wallRadiant systems in the wall

The wall system is developed vertically in fact the heat or the cool reaches the whole person as a whole evenly.

Once the walls have accumulated a sufficient amount of heat, maintain the hot or cool environment for a more or less long period of time even after the plant has been switched off.

The radiant systems for wall and ceiling, and are also used to heat during the summer with the cooling function.

Floor installation cost

How much does the wall heater?

The price to be incurred for the purchase of equipment depends on several factors, mainly related to the type and quality of the structure.

In general, the higher the dispersion of the building, the greater the cost to the material to be installed (pipe and insulation thickness or panels). So a good insulation of the building provides both a reduction in the consumption of heating that a saving in the system.

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Choose your radiant system:

ecowall Dry
Radiant system ecowall Dry
ecowall FIT
Radiant system ecowall fit

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