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Flat solar panel


Flat solar panelFKA is a Solar panel plan high efficiency, made with high quality materials and cutting edge technology.

The absorber is characterized by a pipe with development serpentine (or meander), which ends at the top in a manifold. This structure makes it very simplified hydraulic connections. The collectors meander, when installed in series, have made much more uniform than the collectors harp.

A further feature is the ability of the self-draining serpentine tube that makes the collectors FKA perfectly suitable also for solar systems emptying.

FKA available both vertically and horizontally allows multiple types of installations:
solar panel flat roof solar panel on tile solar panel integrated solar panel facade
Roof tile floor Integrated Facade

Certified solar keymark din

solar collector FKATechnical features

The solar panel FKA is made from a copper absorber with coil tube and active collector tube.

- Safe and durable structure
- Resistant coating and selective absorber
- Efficient and safe heat transfer system
- Quality Pipe and flexible hydraulic connections
- Water connections resistant
- Protection against water and UV rays
- Quick and easy assembly
- Serpentine meander
- Often insulating layer

flat solar collector

High yield with solar panel plan

The solar thermal collector FKA is characterized by a coil (or meander) with collector pipe in the upper part, a structure that simplifies the hydraulic connections.

The collectors meander installed in series have made much more uniform than the collectors harp. The thick layer of insulation retains heat for a long absorbed.

The copper tube is welded to the absorber by means of a modern ultrasound technique that allows a resistant junction between the tube and foil. To avoid heat losses, the collector FKA is equipped with a thick insulating layer of 2 cm in side and 6 cm.


Simplified Installation and Connections

The connections between the collectors are made through flexible hydraulic compensators specially developed to withstand high stresses due, eg., Thermal deformation, movements of the foundations of or fluctuations in temperature and pressure.

The connections with this system are simplified to the maximum and allow a high savings, with a lesser manpower and less piping for the hook. In addition, the entire system is more reliable and durable.

Features and Models

USA B vertical FKA horizontal FKA
Gross area 2,52 m2 2,52 m2
Width 1200 mm 2100 mm
Height 2100 mm 2100 mm
Thickness 110 mm 110 mm
Weight 42 Kg
Glass Tempered insulated glass
Insulating Mineral wool 6cm
Absorber aluminum

solar collector vertical horizontal

Installation vertical or horizontal

The manifolds can have FKA horizontal or vertical configuration and are supplied complete with brackets, fittings and mounting accessories.

E 'can choose between various mounting: flat roof, roof tile (with possible integration into tiles) or facciata.Le brackets and accessories supplied are suitable for any type of tile.

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