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Accumulations acs

Accumulations hot water

The tanks ACS "hot water" are installed in single-family houses as well as apartment blocks, are used for EC applications such as hotels, camping, sports centers and also in industrial applications. 

The wide range of models allows you to adapt to the user's needs, choosing the model best suited to the needs kettle of hot water and the type of plant.
Our range of kettles presents models with capacities from 100 1000 in liters, with different thermal insulation systems.

heat pump water accumulationAccumulations for heat pumps

The PDC kettles are used to accumulate water heater with heat pump. They are available with single coil, are shown to users single-family, condominium centralized plants, industrial and community. It 'available in various models to 212 935 liters.

Double serpentine ACS accumulationTwin coil solar cylinder

The DS tank is the double coil boiler that allows an easy and abundant production of hot water for any type of service. It can be connected with centralized systems, forced circulation solar systems and equipped with further integration systems. Also suitable for industrial and community users. From 200 to 2000 liters.

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