climate control XHCC-E


climate control xhcc

XHCC-E is the climate control unit for the local or remote management of heating and cooling complex. And 'precise, intelligent and easy to use thanks to its pre-configured programs and especially thanks to the server for commissioning, particularly intuitive and clear.

The XHCC-E climate control units can be used to manage heating, cooling and solar systems in new and existing installations.

The large easy to read display provides analysis of your plumbing and possible solutions to improve the comfort and energy savings.

  • high-contrast display with intuitive graphical
  • Multilingual menu
  • management of heating, heating and multienergy
  • Ethernet connection
  • CAN interface for Sorel Connect
  • Data storage with statistics and graphic analysis
  • control program for drainage arrangements (drain-back)
  • numerous possible hydraulic variants

XHCC Features

Remote control unitManage your system remotely 

Using a CAN-bus interface, the control units can communicate with each other, be connected to local networks or to the internet via ethernet.

The user can system monitoring remote climate control, Anywhere and at any time through the PC, tablet or smartphone.
The app dedicated Nabto that enables the ECU communication is available for iOS, Windows and Android systems. 


Control unit configuration easy and accurate

Easy setup

In each unit there is the 'assistant for commissioning, A program that allows you to configure your system with maximum efficiency.
The setup wizard will guide you into operation quickly, according to a logical sequence through the settings required for proper operation.

Buttons are pressed, the information will be displayed on the display in the form of text or symbol.

radiant coolingControl of the summer cooling

The XHCC-E units can be matched to the radiant floor, wall and ceiling.

Besides being a great way to manage the heating for the winter, the XHCC-E units can also control the summer cooling of the radiant heaters and fan-coils and also allows the management of dehumidifiers and heat pumps (also with logic bivalence).


unit network connectionBuilt-in networking

The XHCC-E control unit integrates an Ethernet interface to allow any device remote access to the system.


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