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Rossato environment thermoregulation systemThe combination of HCC climate control units with Caleonbox room controllers and Caleon thermostats represents the Rossato ecosystem optimized for the personalized and efficient management of multi-zone heating and cooling systems.

In particular, the system allows a personalized and efficient management of:

  • Plant management radiant cooling and humidity control
  • Management of heat pumps for heating, cooling and DHW
  • Management of theconsumption of photovoltaic energy for thermal purposes
  • Multi-energy systems, according to the logic of customizable priorities

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Management of radiant systems for cooling

radiant environmental cooling managementIn the summer, radiant system control requires, in addition to the temperature, air humidity control to avoid the risk of condensation.

The Rossato room temperature control system ensures that the surface temperature of the radiant panels is always higher than the calculated dewpoint temperature as a function of room temperature and humidity detected through the Caleon room thermostats. 
It is also possible to manage a dehumidifier. Advantages:

 <br>•  Capillary control of temperature and humidity
 <br>•  Total safety against the risk of superficial condensation


Management of heat pump generators

PDC thermoregulation of control unitsThe temperature control system developed by Rossato optimally manages combined heating, cooling and domestic hot water systems with heat pumps. In particular it is possible to:

Set different working temperatures according to the operating mode (heating, cooling or DHW production). So eg. the heat pump produces water at high temperatures only for sanitary purposes while in heating it can work with much lower temperatures. The heat pump will thus have an improved COP and reduced running costs.

Switch the heat pump on and off according to the temperature detected by setting different hysteresis values ​​for starting and switching off. This logic, not present in other systems on the market, is essential for extending the operating times of the generator and minimizing the ON / OFF cycles that damage the compressors and reduce the life of the heat pumps.

Manage a second auxiliary generator (eg a boiler or an electric heater) that in case of need supports the heat pump with excessively rigid external temperatures.

Management of self-consumption of photovoltaic energy

thermoregulation with solarThe “smart grid” function allows you to vary the delivery and room temperature setpoint through contacts from an external supervision system (eg advanced inverters or systems for analyzing and managing energy loads) and connected to the HCC control unit.

For example, in the event of photovoltaic overproduction, the delivery temperature rises (e.g. from 25 to 40 ° C) and the target ambient temperature (e.g. from 19 ° C to 22 ° C).

This logic aims to make the most of the photovoltaic energy produced during the day by transforming the house into one sort of "heat battery".In well-insulated houses generally in the evening the system can remain switched off thanks to the heat accumulated during the day.

In summer, the same logic applies but to reduce the temperature in the room.

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The main components of thermoregulation


caleonboxThe Rossato room temperature control system is characterized by the integration of the HCC climate control units with the Caleonbox room control units and the Caleon thermostats.

Caleonbox is an innovative system that allows a flexible and economical management of heating and cooling systems, being able to set custom temperatures in each individual area.
The device incorporates the climatic control unit and the electric control unit for the management of the zones and therefore allows to realize sophisticated thermoregulation systems with extremely simplified and economical electrical wiring.


Management of systems from single dwellings to large condominiums

multi-room thermoregulation caleonboxIn the case of multi-family applications (e.g. in condominiums) with a centralized system, the Caleonboxes installed in individual homes are connected via CAN bus and exchange information, such as the external temperature or the internal heating / cooling request.

If the system is regulated by an HCC climate controller, it is possible to adapt the operation of the generator to the actual request, so that the system supplies only the amount of energy required at that time.


Caleon touch screen thermostat

caleon thermoregulationThe Caleon room thermostat is able to identify the temperature / humidity levels in each room and to adjust the system accordingly, based on the user's needs. Furthermore, the control unit modulates the flow temperature in the system, also on the basis of the external temperature measured promptly by the probe.

The result is an optimal management both in heating and cooling, without condensation.

The Caleon room thermostat stands out on the market for the simple and intuitive management of times and temperatures through the TFT color capacitive touch screen display.   

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Climatic HCC

control unit caleon thermoregulation systemsThe HCC climate compensated control units are able to manage with optimized logic multi-energy integrated systems with different generators / heat sources, such as:

  • Heat pumps
  • Solar thermal panels
  • Gas / oil boilers
  • Pellet / biomass generators with automatic ignition
  • Wood-fired boilers or solid fuel with manual ignition
  • Electric resistors
  • District heating


Remote system management

remote control thermoregulation caleonSystems for room thermoregulation can be connected to the network via ethernet to allow management and monitoring.

If necessary, a technician can optimize your system and perform remote maintenance work.

The user, wherever he is, can access his system and easily manage it from his app on a smartphone or tablet and from any computer via a browser.



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