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Plants floor heating radiation are characterized by a total architectural integration so you may want to coordinate and integrate all aspects of the design to ensure a good system building system.

The design of the system requires the determination of the heat demand of the building in accordance with the Law 10 / 91 and subsequent amendments: the thermal power supplied must be equivalent to the nominal heat losses for each environment.

In the project must be reported position some collectors, That you should be barycentric compared to the environments to be heated, the distribution of the heating circuits and the placement of all types of joint present.

plant-floor-ECOFLOOROnce the installation of the radiant system has been completed, before covering the circuits with the screed it is necessary to carry out the leak test system for leaks.
The leak test consists of a water pressure test, where the test pressure is equal to 2 times the operating pressure with a minimum of 6 bar for 24 hours: the pressure drop must be less than 0,3 bar .

During the test, some factors such as the quality of the system filling liquid, the temperature and expansion of the pipeline can cause the pressure to drop beyond this value: in this case, to complete the test it is necessary to top up the system.

Laying panelsParticular care must be attention to the installation of radiant panels, to minimize material waste.
After posed the band perimeter insulation as described in the previous article you can proceed with the paneling.

The laying of the insulating layer must take place starting from the perimeter tape, making sure that the edges in contact with the tape are covered by the transparent nylon strip. Firmly join the panels to each other, using the special MF overlapping side joints, in order to avoid the formation of empty spaces between one element and another.

Prima to start you need to choose a sense of speed: it is advisable to lay the panels parallel to the outer wall or the back wall opposite the door. 

Underfloor heating

Heat the floor

What is it?
Il floor heating or said heating radiant panels plant system is a new generation used to heat and cool the rooms.

How does it work?
The underfloor heating transmits heat or cool according to the principle of irradiation and not by convention. The system consists of special pipes installed under the floor within which passes water heated or cooled depending on the requirement.


The radiant systems can also be used for the underfloor heating with hardwood floors

The thickness and type of floor directly affect the performance of radiant floors, and these characteristics must be taken into account in the design phase.

The UNI EN 1264 prescribes the use of floors with thermal resistance values ​​Rλ, B not exceeding 0,15 [m2K / W] (not limited to the ceramic has value 0,01 [m2K / W]) in order to ensure an optimal operation plants radiant heat loss and at the same time contained.

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