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The laying of the perimeter band

Before the layer of insulation for the system of floor heating, To lay the tape (Band) perimetric which is the joint between the slab and all building components that surround it such as walls, columns, stairs, etc..

Make sure that the internal plaster has been perfectly finished until the insole Crude, so that the adhesion of the tape to the vertical walls both total.The perimeter strip seen in section

The tape must be laid from the raw slab to above the level of the finished floor and must be well fixed, eg in door frames, pillars, etc. uprights., So as not to undergo displacements.

The heating pipe in radiant systems


The tube crossed by the heat conductor is the fundamental component of a radiant surface heating system.

It must respond to numerous and stringent quality parameters to ensure good performance and long life: high levels of stress resistance of different nature must be guaranteed for at least 50 years with excellent safety margins.

The PE-RT AL tube is a multi-metal plastic tube and metal tube ideal for radiant surface systems.

posa_intonaco_parete_soffittoFeatures of the plaster

In radiant systems for wall and ceiling, The plaster is the seat of the heating circuits are therefore indispensable good conductivity characteristics of elasticity and at the same time.

Are shown plaster premixed lime / cement hydraulic lime

With the type of plaster varies the average temperature limit that can be reached by the water, as you can see from the table that follows:

Type of plaster max
Gypsum-based plaster 45°C
Plaster made of lime-cement 50°C
Plaster in hand 50°C

Underfloor heating with little depth 

underfloor heating small thicknessTo take advantage of a radiant system for underfloor heating in cases of renovations or where the thickness is not available, it was designed a floor system that allows you to occupy only 30mm thick.

Is called ECOfloor Slim it is particularly advantageous in all cases in which it has a thinness available, Does not provide for the realization of a traditional screed, the screed but is constituted by a double metal plate which allows a uniform distribution of heat and at the same time has the function to distribute fairly the loads. 

riscaldamento_pavimento_industrialeIn a building of industrial structural component is represented by the most delicate floor because of multiple stresses to which it is subjected during its life cycle: cycles of loading and unloading, possible chemical attack, static and dynamic loads.

From this comes the need for careful design of the floor depending on the intended use.

The designer in consultation with the client must define the expected performance from the floor and define in the tender all the requirements necessary to ensure that the correct installation guarantees the achievement of the desired characteristics. The project should contain provisions regarding:

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