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Cooling with radiant

In addition to being a very good heating system for the winter, the radiant system is the ideal solution for the summer cooling. With a single system, low consumption and invisible, so you can get comfort and savings in all seasons.

- radiant systems for summer cooling represent a major innovation.

Acting on the temperature of the surfaces that surround us, these facilities offer a comfortable environment with no air movement, even on the hottest days.

Heat pumps for heatingA heat pump can heat the water up to 60 ° C, But we recommend not to exceed 55 ° C.

Old radiator systems are usually sized to operate at 65-70 ° C. Therefore it is possible to use the heat pump in the mid seasons and on less cold days.

savings with radiant systemThe heat pump for heating ensures high energy savings,
that is increased by combining the heat pump to Radiant systems (on the floor, wall or ceiling) where the circulation temperature is on average 30-35 ° C. 

In this case, the savings can go by a 40% to a 70% compared to traditional systems that use fuels.

rate-meter-electric-> Discover the new D1 electricity tariff for heat pumps

When you install a heat pump in a dwelling, the counter power must be increased by almost forever.

Usually the contract standard (3 kW, in D2 rate) is not sufficient to support the power demand of a heat pump. 

The transition to a contract of higher power does substantially increase average costs per kW, mainly due to the increase in fixed costs.

But the biggest problem in terms of increase in the cost per kilowatt, after the installation of a heat pumpBecomes the gradual increase in the price of electricity increases in consumption.

counter with heat pumpsIn the domestic environment, usually the meter installed has a limit of 3 kW / h and follows a charging system directly proportional to consumption: the higher the consumption of electricity, the greater the rate per kW / h.

The connection of small heat pumps (Within one kilowatt / hour consumption as the 'Air Combo) Does not create problems either load or tariffs.

In the case of heat pumps used for heating and air conditioning throughout the house, the power required by the heat pump would require often an increase in the existing meter.
However, a substantial power consumption on household meter rates would result in less convenient.

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