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Geothermal energy is convenient for heat pumpsGeothermal energy is stored in the earth's crust and can be extracted by heat pumps through systems probes.

Geothermal energy is the sum of two main components: the heat coming from the deepest layers of the earth and the heat coming from the external environment originating from the sun. The ambient heat that originates from the sun affects only the most layer superficial Earth's crust and loses relevance beyond the already 20 m depth.

Beyond this depth, the earth's temperature is around 13-15 ° C up to about 100 m: Beyond this depth becomes influential the geothermal gradient due to heat from from the center of the earth, An increase of temperature 30 1000 ° C per m.

The thermal energy stored in the ground can be enhanced through a heat pump and used for air conditioning.

Calculate the demand for domestic hot waterIl best before date of hot water is not distributed evenly in the course of a day, but is concentrated in the time intervals of limited duration, defined "peak periods".
The diagram shows the typical performance of consumption daily of water in a single house.

In peak periods occur the maximum consumption contemporary of hot water for which the installation of preparation of ACS must be able to meet these needs.

Le habits of determine the duration of the peak period, which is known can determine the power required for the production of ACS.

consumption heat pumpLe powers of heat pumps are varied and meet the needs from small to large systems, in proportion to the power of the machine, change the power consumption.

The correct choice of a machine takes account of two main elements: heating requirements building to be heated (the heat demand is the highest demand for heat when the outside temperature is reached minimum design) and the maximum temperature for the plant (Underfloor heating, fan coils, radiators, etc.)..

The heat source heat pumpsIn hydronic systems the exchange fluid with the internal environment is the water that is sent to the terminals of planting or is used for domestic hot water.

The fluid exchange with the outside depends instead on the external power source: if heat is exchanged with the outside air exchange fluid is the'Air stessa.Nel case of wells or aquifers, the exchange fluid is l 'water same in the case of direct use or Brine in an intermediate circuit. 

Schematic circuit heat pumpsMachine capable of transferring thermal energy from a source at a lower temperature (water, air, soil) at a higher temperature, utilized by man, with the sole contribution of electricity.

The transfer takes place by means of a refrigerant circuit: If the operation is reversible, the unit can also function as a refrigerating machine. 

Similarly to a hydraulic pump that raises water from a lower level to a higher one, the heat pump carries the heat from a thermal level to a lower thermal level higher and therefore usable for the purposes of air conditioning.

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