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Request rate D1La membership application to the new electricity tariff D1 may be submitted by July 1 2014 until December 31 2015.
The exchange rate has no costs.
In its request for accession to the tariff for heat pumps D1, must be accompanied by:

According counter rate D1To join the D1 new electricity tariff for heat pumps it is not necessary to install an electricity meter. 

If the heat pump is the only air-conditioning system of the house, the D1 rate will be applied to the total electrical consumption measured by the current meter.

Rate D1 SavingsCan adhere to the rate D1 all electric heat pumps, high efficiency, but have not been put into operation before January 1 2008. In addition, these should be used as single generator heating. 

Access to testing can be done with heat pumps that use any type of technology: geothermal, air-water, water-water.

The electrical connections of the control unitsThe pump relay on terminal R1 solar control units TDC 2-3-4-5 is electronic (TRIAC), and allows the management of the modulation of standard pumps up to about 140 W absorption.

Sometimes, for larger solar systems, it is necessary to use larger pumps that have the highest consumption, so R1 between the output and the solar pump must install a relay to power the pump.

But in these cases, since the electronic relay R1, for its characteristics, always releases residues of current, to avoid that the relay remains always operated, must be connected to a capacitor uF 2,5 470VAC R1 between the phase and neutral conductor N.

links control unit for heatingSave money with the climate control unit

The modulation of the temperature in the heating as a function of the outside temperature, is a practice used increasingly not only in new installations, but also in the upgrading of existing installations.

This type of management of the heating system could provide a significant increase in ignition timing, however, the average savings from a correct setting of the climatic compensation is estimated by 5 to 20%.

There are many advantages with the lowering of the flow temperature, and in particular:

  • Increase of performance (COP) of the heat pumps

  • Greater use of solar thermal energy for heating

  • Less dispersion of the distribution network and on the heating

  • Minor convection, less dust in motion, velocity lower

  • Temperature more homogeneous masses warmer, lower ambient temperature at constant comfort

Adjusting the climate control unit

The control climate, through the actuation of a motorized mixing valve, mixing the flow temperature with the return temperature, to obtain the temperature calculated by the control unit. How is this calculated temperature?

One thing to do a priori, is to set in the control unit the foot, ie the minimum operating temperature, and a head, which is the maximum operating temperature (for example, generally, to a radiator system, the minimum is set to 35-40 ° C and the highest in 70 ° C, for a radiant system is set to the minimum-25 30 ° C and the highest in-40 45 ° C).

However, what it does vary the temperature of discharge is calculated, the characteristic curve that is set. The correct choice of the curve, expected to already know the following values:

  • Maximum flow temperature (Eg. 60 ° C)

  • Minimum temperature of the project (Eg.-12 ° C)

Taking into account these temperatures assumed, we have the following situation:


By the intersection of the maximum temperature of flow (60 ° C) And the temperature minimum design (-12 ° C), will select a characteristic curve 1,2.

This will cause, for example, when the outdoor temperature will be at 0 ° C, the outlet temperature will be approximately 45 ° C. However, the flow temperature will never fall below the minimum we set foot.

If you want to do the insights on heating in the floor, you can find valuable information at the following links:


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