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Installing the thermostatSometimes it helps to plug a thermostat environment to enable / disable a function climate control unit HCC.

Below are the details for proper installation:

  • Connect the two wires of the thermostat in place of the bridge between S6 and S-
  • When the thermostat contact is closed, the circuit is active
  • When the thermostat contact is open, the circuit is switched off
  • And 'possible the connection of any clean contact, eg. by electric heads for collectors.
  • The thermostat can be put in series to RC21 command (on S6 contact) in order to take advantage also of the environmental probe compensation.
  • It 'important that there are not resistors on the connecting wires, for example from old worn cables.

Change fuse

If the power is on and unit still it does not work or does not display anything, then the internal device fuse may be defective or burned.

In this case, open the device, remove the old fuse and check it.

Replace the defective fuse with a new one, locate the external source of the error (eg. Pump) and exchange.

Subsequently, the controller and check the function of the switch outputs in manual mode.

Only use the supplied spare fuse or a fuse with the following characteristics: T2A 250V

The door to enter the card

Le units of HCC series and TDC SOREL they can be reprogrammed via the update card with new or different software.

The update should only be done if the installed software is defective or produces problems.


  1. Be sure that the upgrade card is suitable for the specific unit, eg. if it is a unit TDC3 the card must be made for the TDC3.
  2. Remember that all parameti and settings may be lost during the update. Then pinned each setting before upgrading.
  3. Make sure that the power is turned off and remove the unit from the base as described in the installation and use instructions. If necessary, remove any expansion card from the expansion port. See fig.1.
  4. Insert the upgrade card. See fig. 2
  5. Hook the unit at the base and re-applying power.Card-update
  6. Follow the instructions on the display. They are shown the version of installed software and version of the new software update, and you are asked whether to confirm the installation of new software.
  7. After programming, the unit starts again. At this point, turn off the power and remove the card. Otherwise the update process will be activated every time the
    control unit.
  8. Place settings with values ​​pinned to 2.)
  1. The installation of the control unitunscrew the cover screw.
  2. Carefully pull the upper part of housing from lower.
  3. Put away the top, making sure not to touch the electronics.
  4. Secure the bottom of the unit to the desired location and mark the holes 3. Make sure the wall surface is as even as possible so that the housing does not become distorted when it is screwed on.
  5. Using a drill with drill bit 6, 3 make holes at the points marked on the wall and push in the plugs.
  6. Insert the upper screw and screw it in slightly.
  7. Secure the top of the housing and insert the other screws.
  8. Align the housing and tighten the screws.

Terminal connection

  1. Select program/ Opportune variant (each unit may provide the management of different hydraulic schemes).
  2. Open the control unit, thus separating it from the lower part, by unscrewing the front screw.
  3. Strip the max. 55mm cord, insert, fit the cable ties and discover the latest 8-9mm of wires for connecting the terminals.
  4. Open the terminals using a screwdriversuitable and make electrical connections on the controller.

    Connections via screwdriver

    The opening of the contact is done by simply pressing the screwdriver into the terminal with movement from top to bottom (see image).
  5. Place the top of the unit and secure with the screw at the base.
  6. Switch on the current and put the unit into operation.


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