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What is required by law

Withholding payment 10%

The corrective action in July 2011 (art. 23, paragraph 8 of Decree-Law 6 July 2011, n.98), has reduced by 10 to 4% the withholding tax on transfers aimed at obtaining the deduction of 36 and 55%.

Previously Article 25 of Dl 78 / 2010 provided that the payment transfers, related to work agevolabili building renovations required by law 449 / 1997 (ie IRPEF 36%) And the statements of regeneration efficiency provided by law 296 / 2006 (ie deduction IRPEF 55%, Were subjected to withholding tax 10%.

As it applies the withholding tax

  • The bank (or post office) retain the 4% on the bank of decoupled 20% (for example, if a customer pays an invoice of a job for 12.000 euro, the company will receive a credit of € 12.000 and in parallel will made a deduction of € 400)
  • The bank pays the withholding tax to the model F24, using the tax code 1039Established by resolution 65 / E the Inland Revenue.
  • The withholding tax will be certified the beneficiary of the transfer by 28 February of the following year.
  • The withholding tax will be outlined in the deduction of the fees payable in tax withholding(Model 770).
  • The measure was enacted 30 / 06 / 2010 by Attilio Befera, Director of Revenue.

The tax base on which to apply the withholding tax

The circular 40 / E
and finally introduces new light on the positive on which to calculate the withholding tax.

As expenditure is reduced may be subject to VAT at 10% VAT to that 20%, for operational simplicity always taken into account that the invoice is applied VAT to 20%.

In this way, the withholding tax 4% applies to the total amount minus the VAT 20%.


  • Total service tax: 12.000 €
  • Remove alleged 20% VAT: 2.000 €
  • Tax withholding for: 10.000 €
  • Total held: 400 €


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