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The boiler heat pump produces hot waterA compact system for preparing domestic hot water is represented by boiler, heat pump, air (Series Air Combo).

The heat removed from the air, enhanced by the heat pump, is directly transferred to the accumulation of hot water below. 

The required air can be drawn in from the installation room, from a nearby room or directly from the outside through a ducting: during the design phase, it must be ensured that the air used falls within the operating range of the heat pump (- 10 ° C-43 ° C) and that it is not sucked up by too dusty or polluted environments. 

The passage of air through the evaporator produces its cooling and condensation of the humidity contained: therefore one occurs dehumidification which can be advantageously exploited in humid environments.

Lend themselves to the placing of these heat pumps, local as:

  • laundry / drying room;
  • cellars / handouts;
  • unheated rooms;
  • equipment rooms,

provided it is ensured minimum volume of at least 30 m3.

Connect the kettle to heat pump

The refrigeration contribution given by the operation of the heat pump to the unheated room must be appropriately considered so that the subtraction of heat does not spread to the neighboring rooms: a valid indication is to isolate the boundary walls between the installation room and the room of consumption.

The cooling of the installation, you avoid channeling heat pumps and therefore working directly on the outside air.

For the sizing of these units, since they are characterized by a predetermined power and storage, it is possible to follow as a criterion that of covering the estimated daily requirement. Based on the models available, an indicative sizing table is shown for the residential sector: 

Number of users Heat pump
1-4 Air Combo 200
4-8 Air Combo 300

For applications other than residential, it is necessary to evaluate the needs based on the type of user: the greater needs can be covered with several Air Combo units installed in parallel. 

In rooms with intended use other than the residential one where there are flow rates of extract air (fraction of renewal expelled, extract air from restaurant kitchens, etc.), the extract air becomes an energy waste that can be used by heat pumps to produce domestic hot water.

The units are equipped with integrative resistances that can intervene with an emergency function and are designed for connection to alternative energy sources such as solar thermal plants and wood / pellets.

If you want to do the insights on heating with heat pumps for domestic hot water, You can find below valuable information:

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