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riscaldamento_pavimento_industrialeIn a building of industrial structural component is represented by the most delicate floor because of multiple stresses to which it is subjected during its life cycle: cycles of loading and unloading, possible chemical attack, static and dynamic loads.

From this comes the need for careful design of the floor depending on the intended use.

The designer in consultation with the client must define the expected performance from the floor and define in the tender all the requirements necessary to ensure that the correct installation guarantees the achievement of the desired characteristics. The project should contain provisions regarding:

  • Type of substrate (bedding);
  • Concrete composition;
  • Environmental conditions at the time of casting and curing;
  • Thickness and armor to be taken;
  • Location of the joints.

If, as often happens, the support base for industrial flooring and the ground, it is recommended to first perform geotechnical investigations according to the prescribed rules.


The industrial radiant floor is done using the insulating layer as support.

The insulation panels have a limited deformation under load allowing you to prevent vertical movement of the layer above it: in any case it is advisable to grant an increase of 2 3-cm thickness of concrete as specified for loads of exercise, the increase in thickness is also helping to contain the phenomena of warping of the plates of concrete.

In the project must be reported characteristics of the composition of the concrete in compliance with technical standards (UNI EN 206 1 and UNI-11104).

For the laying of the mixture is recommended to prescribe the consistency class S5 so that the concrete supplied by pump goes directly to wrap the pipes; with a consistency S3 must prescribe a good compaction of the layer.

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