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The radiant systems can also be used for the underfloor heating with hardwood floors

The thickness and type of floor directly affect the performance of radiant floors, and these characteristics must be taken into account in the design phase.

The UNI EN 1264 prescribes the use of floors with thermal resistance values ​​Rλ, B not exceeding 0,15 [m2K / W] (not limited to the ceramic has value 0,01 [m2K / W]) in order to ensure an optimal operation plants radiant heat loss and at the same time contained.

The parquet coatings have a higher thermal resistance (from 0,1 [m2K / W]) for which to obtain high yields it is necessary to increase the flow temperature of the system. In principle, it is good to opt for elements contained thickness, maximum 15 mm, and for wood species stable that do not suffer the variations of temperature and humidity (eg Oak, Teak). 

For a recommend parquet floor heating radiant systemsWho have a good thermal performance allowing good air conditioning in summer and in winter.

Parquet floor heating systems

Tips for installing underfloor heating with hardwood floors

For the laying of coverings must ensure that the substrate is completely dry and follow the recommendations of the supplier.

Once the screed is completely dry, you can move on to gluing the parquet.
We recommend using ecological glues that do not release harmful substances in the air.

The solution heated floors and parquet, compared to heating with conventional radiators, decreases significantly the consumption of energy and thus ensures a more cost savings.

Systems for underfloor heating with hardwood floors 

The plants Rossato Group recommended for underfloor heating with wood floors are: 

ecofloor floor heating

Ecofloor radiant heating system for homes, offices and commercial premises.
Thickness 75-95 mm (with conventional screeds) Thickness 50-80 mm (screeds)

Ecofloor Slim floor heating in small thickness

Ecofloor slim for heating and cooling.
Ideal in cases of restructuring thanks to the thickness of 21mm.

Systems for the floor heating designed to ensure high comfort with a considerable energy saving.

Plumbing training courses

 Discover how to make the most of a floor system

Attend our training courses and increase your knowledge to propose radiant systems to your customers in a professional manner.

For installers, designers and operators in the sector, we organize 
training courses for underfloor heating wall and ceiling.


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