Underfloor heating

Heat the floor

What is it?
Il floor heating or said heating radiant panels plant system is a new generation used to heat and cool the rooms.

How does it work?
The underfloor heating transmits heat or cool according to the principle of irradiation and not by convention. The system consists of special pipes installed under the floor within which passes water heated or cooled depending on the requirement.

Does the underfloor heating?

The underfloor heating allows a large energy savings, as it works with very low flow temperatures than conventional systems. Find out how much you can save by following this guide.

It can be combined with plants with renewable energy? 

The radiant panels can be connected to: heat pumps, solar, biomass generators and systems for the air treatment.
Combining these technologies will improve the building's energy and reduce costs.

How much does underfloor heating?

Do you want to know how much does underfloor heating for your home? find out now using our Automatic estimate for radiant systems.