Laying panelsParticular care must be attention to the installation of radiant panels, to minimize material waste.
After posed the band perimeter insulation as described in the previous article you can proceed with the paneling.

The laying of the insulating layer must take place starting from the perimeter tape, making sure that the edges in contact with the tape are covered by the transparent nylon strip. Firmly join the panels to each other, using the special MF overlapping side joints, in order to avoid the formation of empty spaces between one element and another.

Prima to start you need to choose a sense of speed: it is advisable to lay the panels parallel to the outer wall or the back wall opposite the door. 

Scheme laying panels

We start by laying the first panel starting from one of the two corners of the back wall and proceeding to form a row: if the remaining space is not enough for a whole panel, cut a panel to fit it into the available space.

After you go to the next row with the panel portion of the previous row (see figure); continue repeating the same process row by row to complete the paneled surface. 

If the last row space and small cutting the panels to achieve the desired width.

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