plant-floor-ECOFLOOROnce the installation of the radiant system has been completed, before covering the circuits with the screed it is necessary to carry out the leak test system for leaks.
The leak test consists of a water pressure test, where the test pressure is equal to 2 times the operating pressure with a minimum of 6 bar for 24 hours: the pressure drop must be less than 0,3 bar .

During the test, some factors such as the quality of the system filling liquid, the temperature and expansion of the pipeline can cause the pressure to drop beyond this value: in this case, to complete the test it is necessary to top up the system.


When there is a danger of freezing, suitable measures must be taken such as air conditioning the building or the use of antifreeze products.
If the normal operation of the system does not require further antifreeze protections, the antifreeze products must be drained and the system must be flushed with at least 3 water changes.
Then maintain the operating pressure until the system cures.