Mechanical Ventilation Controlled with air conditioning


VMC Clima systemThe system VMC with integrated air conditioning is the innovative solution designed by Rossato to combine in a simple and convenient way heating, cooling e air exchange.

The integration between low consumption air conditioning and controlled mechanical ventilation with high efficiency guarantees indoor comfort and well-being with significant energy savings.

VMC Clima is a versatile solution, particularly suitable for low-consumption houses, and in general for homes both newly built and under renovation, offices and small commercial premises. 

  • Camouflaged system in the false ceiling
  • Single input terminal for the 2 systems
  • Silent operation
  • Simple installation and adjustment
  • Flexibility and versatility of use

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Why integrate VMC with air conditioning?

air-conditioned ventilationToday all buildings, new or renovated, are designed with good insulation to minimize heat loss.

This reduces the heat requirement of the building and allows the best use of low / medium temperature air conditioning systems. The greater insulation, however, brings with it the lack of air exchange with the consequence of an accumulation of humidity and micro pollutants that make the living climate unhealthy.

To get a real living comfort and at the same time guarantee well-being and hygiene inside closed rooms, it is necessary to use a ventilation system that ensures the exchange of air in a controlled way and recovers the otherwise dispersed thermal energy. 

Integrating the VMC to the air conditioning system is also an investment on the property.
The installation of a very high efficiency heat recovery unit, in fact, allows the house to access the highest energy classes, consequently increasing its value.


The functioning of the VMC Clima

Vmc plenum climate ventilationThe system defines itself VMC Climate because it comes from the combination of a controlled mechanical ventilation system (VMC) with an air heating and cooling system (Clima).

In VMC Clima they coexist an air renewal unit with recovery (Altair) with a ducted fan coil (Iris CN) powered by a heat pump which are individually sized respectively for correct air exchange and according to the building's thermal requirements.

In the same way, the two air distribution networks are sized and calibrated in a completely independent way, but they converge in the same terminals so that in each environment a single inlet nozzle is sufficient for both air flows.

The specificity of the VMC Clima system therefore lies in theintegration between VMC and air conditioning not using a multifunction unit, but through mixed terminals specially designed to offer at the same time an aesthetic advantage (because in the environment there is only one terminal and not 2) and an economic saving of on average 20% compared to systems with double nozzle.


sizing vmc ClimateSizing according to requirements

The independent operation of the VMC and air conditioning units allows the two systems to be sized with adequate power for the actual needs of the building. For example, in a low-consumption building but with a large surface, the correct replacement flow rate can be assigned to all the rooms without size limits and the ductable fan coils can be sized for one or more zones according to the needs, even if low.


hidden vmcInvisible installation and in a small space

The installation of the VMC Clima system is simplified since both the VMC unit and the fan coil have very small dimensions, therefore the whole system is hidden in the false ceiling even in small spaces.
VMC Clima is a particularly suitable solution for all those light renovation works since it does not require complex building works.


flexibility vmcFlexibility and versatility

The system is extremely versatile and can be used stand-alone or in combination with other systems such as radiators or radiant panels. 
The system can also be divided into one or more thermal zones using one or more fan coils and one centralized VMC unit respectively.


radiator vmcIntegration with existing systems

VMC Clima can be integrated with radiators without modifying the existing system. With the heat pump, summer air conditioning is obtained which would not be possible with only radiators and a VMC only system in mid-seasons.
The advantage is also in winter since the radiators, working at medium temperature, go up to speed more quickly and can possibly be supported by fan coils in colder periods.


vmc benefitsReceive the comfort of VMC Clima

  • Improve air quality in closed buildings
  • Increases indoor comfort and well-being
  • Recovers 92% of energy from the expelled air
  • Filter the incoming air
  • Increase energy class
  • Heats and cools quickly
  • It saves

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