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Water heater with heat pump Air Combo PRO

heat pump water heat

Air Combo PRO is a practical solution for the production of domestic hot water.

It combines a high-efficiency air-to-water heat pump and a storage tank in a single device, thus making it possible to reduce the overall dimensions to a minimum.

It is available in three models from 100, 200 and 300 liters, all in class A +.

Very easy to install and use, it has a flawless operation for many years without the need for special maintenance operations.

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For homes and more

combo for tertiary sectorAir Combo PRO in the 200 and 300 versions occupies the space of a normal refrigerator, so it does not require large spaces for installation.

It is suitable for produce domestic hot water in single and two-family homes and it can be installed in cascade to meet the needs of medium and large users.

It can be placed in the basement, in a laundry room and, in general, in a humid environment in which you can profitably exploit the effect of dehumidification due to the operation of the heat pump. Thanks to fan self, can be ducted up to 10m.

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Solar thermal connection

heat pump PVThe S version of the Air Combo 200 and 300 integrates an auxiliary coil with a generous exchange surface suitable for solar thermal or biomass systems.

This combination is particularly useful for produce domestic hot water especially in summer and in the mid-seasons.

Integration with thermal solar panels reduces heat pump operation times and increases the fraction of energy produced from renewable sources. This combination makes it possible to achieve very high energy efficiency classes.

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Free hot water with photovoltaics

Heat pump with photovoltaic relayIn the 200 and 300 versions there is a dedicated relay (self-consumption contact) which allows the Air Combo PRO of use the electricity produced by the photovoltaic system to self-feed and heat water in the tank at no cost.

Hot water is thus also available in the evening / night, without further absorption of electricity from the network.

The low power consumption of the compressor allows Air Combo PRO with a photovoltaic system to guarantee hot water ALWAYS and FREE!

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It replaces the traditional water heater

Air combo PDCAir Combo PRO 100 is small and compact with a footprint equal to that of a normal electric water heater.

It's light and simple to install and lends itself to installation both in new systems and in replacement of existing boilers: all in a few minutes and without the need for masonry work.

For this reason it is particularly suitable for use in second homes, offices, etc.

Associating the water heater to renewable sources with the addition of a small electric meter is obtained a very high energy saving.

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Comparing the costs of the main systems for the production of domestic hot water (DHW), it is evident that the Air Combo PRO heat pump for domestic hot water (DHW) is the most convenient solution.
Savings with heat pumps


Benefits of Air Combo PRO

Energy saving

Savings + 75%

Thanks to the rotary piston technology of the compressor, greater energy efficiency and a higher efficiency coefficient are ensured, with considerable energy savings up to 75 per cent.


External exchanger

External capacitor

The condenser is wrapped between the boiler and the outer cover of the tank. Positioned in this way reduces the formation of limestone prolonging the service life of the device ensuring greater security.



Anti-corrosion protection

A double vitrification, with a high quality enamelling and a magnesium bar make the tank protected and safe even in the most difficult operating conditions. 



Touch Screen

The low-power LCD touch screen display allows the various operating programs, daily / weekly time slots and much more to be displayed and set clearly and quickly.



System for ducting

The integrated DC fan allows the cold air to be channeled outside the building or to any part of the house to be cooled. 


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